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A social history of women in Brisbane’s Modern Orthodox Jewish community, 1865-1988

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Jennifer Creese

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of A social history of women in Brisbane’s Modern Orthodox Jewish community, 1865-1988

Jennifer Creese
A History of Brisbane's Modern Orthodox Jewish Women, 1865-1972
The Thesis
"That despite the limitations halakhah (the set of Jewish religious guidelines) traditionally places on women, Brisbane's Modern Orthodox Jewish women have historically played a highly significant role in the life of their community and its activities."
Thesis Plan
2.Theory Chapter - Congregation/Faith Community activities; expectations of women in Modern Orthodox Judaism
3.Women in worship, study, spiritual activities
4.Women in the development of families and children
5.Women fostering community and fellowship
6.Women in social services, justice and activism
Approach and Sources
Oral Histories with women in the community
Personal archival collections - Fryer Library UQ, State Library
Periodical press (Mainstream and Jewish)
Organisational documents: board annual reports, meeting minutes, letters
Some published works on particular aspects
Issues and Challenges
Working with a living "subject"
Politics of the Brisbane Jewish community
"Needle & Haystack" archival research
Stories of women "Hidden"
Very few secondary sources available
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