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The Hunger Games

A book report about the book Hunger Games.

Cierra Dei

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins THE HUNGER GAMES SYNOPSIS The book is set in a post-apocalyptic North America, a nation called Panem. The country is split in to 12 Districts, ruled by the Capitol in a communist government. Each District is known for an abundant resource. SETTING The mockingjay pin in the Hunger Games repesents resistance and rebellion. The mockingjays themselves originated from jabberjays, genetically engineered birds created in the Capitol to memorize conversations they overheard in the Districts. After they started repeating false information, the Capitol found them useless and released the birds into the wild, where they mated with mockingbirds and created mockingjays. The resulting bird possessed the ability to repeat tunes sung by humans, but they lost the ability to repeat whole conversations.
These birds are examples of creatures that broke free of control of the Capital. They show that the Capitol, or any form of authority, does not have complete power over all living creatures, and are therefore a symbol of resistance and rebellion, as Katniss begins to identify herself as. SYMBOLISM The book starts out with Katniss, her sister Prim, her best friend Gale, and her mother at the Reaping, where two tributes from each District are chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death. Prim is chosen as the female tribute for District 12, but Katniss volunteers instead. Peeta, a baker's son, is chosen as the male tribute. Katniss and Peeta go through training and interviews for the Games. In Peeta's interview, he reveals that he has had a crush on Katniss since they were children. CHARACTERS District 12, Katniss and Peeta's district, is known for mining and coal. District 1- Luxuries
District 2- Masonry
District 3- Technology
District 4- Fishing
District 5- Power
District 6- Transportation District 7- Lumber
District 8- Textiles
District 9- Grain
District 10- Livestock
District 11- Agriculture
District 13- OBLITERATED By Cierra Stewart Katniss Everdeen- Katniss is the main character of the book. She is 16 years old, and lives in the Seam, the poorest part of District 12. At the Reaping, her sister Primrose was chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, but Katniss volunteers instead. She ends up as one of the two victors of the 74th annual Hunger Games. Because of her actions at the very end of the Games, she also becomes a political target.

Peeta Mellark- Peeta is the male tribute chosen from District 12 to compete in the Hunger Games. In an interview, he reveals his unrequited love for Katniss, which ends up saving both of their lives in the end. He is the the other victor of the 74th Hunger Games.

Cato- Cato was the male tribute from District 1, along with Clove. He is the most fearsome tribute in the Games because he is not only a Career, but he is also extremely aggressive and has a savage pleasure in killing.

Rue- Rue was the youngest tribute in the Games, as she was only 12 years old and small for age. She was from District 11, the District of agriculture. She becomes Katniss' ally when she saves her life by pointing out a tracker jacker nest directly above her head.

Haymitch- Haymitch is the District 12's only living victor, and is therefore the mentor of all tributes throughout the Games. He coaches Katniss and Peeta in their training and gives them advice on how to stay alive in the arena.

Cinna- Cinna is Katniss's stylist in her training and interviews before the Games begins. He is the only person Katniss meets in the Capitol that she actually likes.

President Snow- President Snow is the president of Panem. He is dead set on only having one victor, and when Katniss and Peeta refuse to kill eachother (threatening to commit suicide if their choice is not accepted), he is outraged.

Gale- Gale is Katniss's best friend back in District 12. He provides support and food for her family, and she for his. They are such close friends that people assume they are romantically linked.

Prim- Primrose is Katniss's sister. When she is chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers for her instead. The Hunger Games begin, and almost half of all the tributes are killed on the first day. The Careers, the ones who trained their entire lives for the Games, form an alliance with each other and Peeta, who they believe is going to help them find Katniss so they can kill her. When the Careers find Katniss hiding in a tree, they threaten to kill her when she comes down. The next morning, Rue, another tribute, warns Katniss that there is a tracker jacker nest above her. Katniss saws off the branch that the nest is on, sending it to the Careers below. Katniss is stung three times, and her mind begins to fog up with hallucinations from the venom. She has trouble getting away from the tree, and Peeta comes back and screams at her to go away. The remaining Careers find him and cut him in the leg for betraying them. Katniss goes unconscious. When she wakes up, Rue is there, and the two become allies, sharing food and survival skills. Katniss and Rue discuss how to destroy the Careers' food pile. Katniss makes her way back to their headquarters and explodes the pile by using the mines surrounding it. Katniss loses hearing in one of her ears because of the explosion. The Capitol changes the rules so that two victors are allowed to win if they are from the same district. Katniss remembers Peeta, and she runs to find him. She discovers him disguised as a rock and seriously injured. Katniss slowly nurses him back to health, but his wound is so serious that it needs professional medication for Peeta to survive. When Katniss gets back to Rue, a boy from District one throws a spear into her stomach, and she dies. Katniss buries her in flowers and gives District 11, Rue's district, a sign of respect. Katniss begins to warm up to Peeta, and they share a kiss. Suddenly, they receive a gift from the sponsors: food. Katniss realizes that the audience wants romance in the Games, so she pretends that shes in love with Peeta. Peeta's wound worsens. The Capitol announces that there will be a feast, and that the one thing that each tribute desperately needs will be there. Katniss goes to the feast, but is attacked by Clove, a tribute from District 2. She manages to get the medicine for Peeta, but blacks out after she loses too much blood. After the feast, only three tributes remain: Katniss, Peeta, and Cato. Katniss and Peeta go out looking for Cato, but have no trouble finding him when he thunders past them, running away from muttations. Cato, Katniss, and Peeta climb on top of the Cornucopia, the structure that previously held all the supplies needed to stay alive in the Hunger Games, to escape the dogs. Cato puts Peeta in a headlock, and Katniss pulls out her bow. She shoots Cato in the arm, and he falls off the Cornucopia and is eaten alive by the muttations. SYNOPSIS Katniss and Peeta celebrate winning the Games, but the Gamemakers announce that they have to kill each other. They refuse, and Katniss pulls out a handful of poisonous berries she collected earlier. She gives some to Peeta, and they are about to commit suicide when they are announced the winners of the Hunger Games.
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