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Advertising Campaign Analysis - Henrik Hedegaard 8947350.

Advertising Campaign Analysis - Old Spice Australia & New Zealand. Tut: Tuesday 3-4 pm, Liz Buchanan.

Henrik Hedegaard

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Advertising Campaign Analysis - Henrik Hedegaard 8947350.

What is Old Spice?
An American brand of male grooming products. Body wash, deodorant, aftershave, you name it!
1937 - Founded by William Lightfoot Schultz.
It's been around for a while..
It is...
1990 - Acquired by Procter & Gamble
2000s - Maintained many original products, while introducing new ones.
(Old Spice, 2013)
(Procter & Gamble, 2011)
3 quick ones about the product line..
Belongs in the cheaper category of men's grooming products.
Can conveniently be bought in supermarkets, pharmacies and online.
A "male grooming portfolio" of 12 products was recently introduced in Australia and New Zealand (Campaign Brief, 2013).
(Old Spice, 2013)
Smell Like a Man, Man!
Old Spice launched the “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign online and on US television in 2010.
Followed up by interactive “Responses” campaign featuring personalized videos to fans.
Resulted in explosive brand sales and numerous awards (Adweek, 2011)
How it began..
(D&AD, 2011)
Relaunching in Aussie and NZ!
Having become the top-selling brand in North America (Marketingmag, 2013), Old Spice locally relaunched the campaign in Australia and New Zealand in 2013 to promote the relaunch of Old Spice products in this region.
Campaign Brief (2013)
Taking on Australia: Consumers and Competitors
The target audience...
The campaign is aimed at
are 18-40 years old.
have a low to middle income.
do not shop grooming products in high end stores.
want to cultivate a masculine image.
VALS: Experiencers who want to express themselves.
but also..
Tend to buy grooming products for their partners.
"Speaking to men and women simultaneously" (DandAD, 2011)
Old Spice's main competitors in the Australian market are Unilever's Lynx and Rexona brands (Companies and Markets, 2013) as well as Beiersdorf's Nivea for Men (Yahoo Finance UK, 2013).
Introduced this guy!
A look at the strategy and objectives..
Relaunching the product line in a market with strong competition.
Increase brand awareness and create a unique selling proposition for Old Spice in Australia and New Zealand.
By positioning Old Spice as a brand that oozes masculinity but does not take itself too seriously.
What will influence advertising?
Male grooming products are (most often) low-involvement products.
Should use a self-satisfaction strategy that appeals to the consumer's social motive, which strongly affects buying decision.

The campaign is about stressing the social advantages of using Old Spice:
The masculating effect.
Signalling to others that you possess a sense of humour.
The ad plays entirely on emotion through its humorous nature.
The Creative Aspects..
The ad adresses Australians directly and uses
stereotypes in an absurd fashion for comedic effect.
"The Australian man wrestles crocodiles, rides a kangaroo to work and eats nuts and bolts for breakfast."
"Dropbear rugby catch!"
"An Australian man does not kill a spider. He sets it free."
The Creative Process
Message Strategy
Old Spice makes you smell manly without taking yourself too seriously.
Brand Image:
Old Spice equals manliness and attractiveness, and has a comedic edge.
Positions Old Spice as fun compared to other more serious brands on the market.
Appeals to the audience on an emotional level through humour.
The Big Idea
To highlight the relation between Old Spice and masculinity in an easy-going and humorous way. The
'Smell Like a Man, Man'
campaign has done this before.
Execution and appeals
Relies heavily on
emotional appeal.
in a big way.
Ad is
: Associates use of the brand with a set of characteristics, namely manliness.
Message presented as
, as 'Old Spice Guy' is already a globally known celebrity.

The Creative Process
(Frazer, 1983)
Why was this approach taken?
will buy Old Spice to fulfill esteem needs.
They want to associate themselves with the masculinity and attractiveness that comes with using Old Spice.
want their partners to be more like the 'Old Spice Guy'. They buy Old Spice to make them more manly and to fulfill their own needs for both security and sexual intimacy.
Mazlows Hierarchy of Needs

Why use humour?
Humour attracts attention.
While not necessarily increasing the persuasion of the ad, Old Spice can utilize humour appeal to increase brand awareness, which is critical during the relaunch of the products (Weinberger & Gulas, 1992).

Potential Problems
Australians might react negatively to the use of stereotypes in the ad.
However, the stereotypes are used in a flattering manner.
"Australia is the world's manliest nation."
Entertainment value:
The entertainment value of the ad might overshadow the actual product.
Is the strategy effective?
However, 'Old Spice Guy' is so
closely associated
with Old Spice that it should be obvious which brand is being advertised.
The sex appeal and humour of the campaign appeals to the young target audience.
Old Spice has reused a campaign that already worked twice before, but renewed its value by directing it specifically at Australians (and Kiwis).
The Media Strategy..
"The launch of Old Spice in Australia and New Zealand will be supported and publicised through its ‘Release the Man, Man’ advertising campaign across
, and a
PR and digital campaign.
One minute television commercial reintroduces the campaign to the Australian audience.
Provides the platform for the creativity in the ad and allows its humor to shine through.
Reaches large audiences.
Gets attention, particularly through repetition.
Large costs.
Has to break through the clutter.
The audience's ability to zip and zap.
Youtube account and banner ads increases the audience's exposure to the campaign. The 'Old Spice Australia' Facebook account is updated regularly.
Offers additional exposure.
Allows for creativity.
Caters to the young target audience.
Facebook account allows for interactivity between brand and consumers.
Smaller costs than television advertising.
Can annoy consumers.
Has to break through clutter.
PR/Publicity Campaign
The Old Spice Guy has been on a widely publicised visit to Australia, while also giving out interviews (in character) via media releases.
Ads in magazines also support the TV campaign.
Offers the ability to reach a specific target audience.
Offers creative flexibility.
Less fleeting than television and online ads.
Limited reach and frequency.
Long lead time.
Must also break through clutter.
(Campaign Brief, 2013)
(Belch et al., 2012)
Campaign does not have an active Twitter account!
(Belch et al., 2012)
(Belch et al., 2012)
"Old Spice is for men who want to smell great without trying too hard" - Spokesperson Lisa Cunningham (StopPress, 2013).
Creates hype for not only the products but also the launch of the campaign.
Avoids the clutter of ads as the visit was treated as news in the media.
Builds on the desired image of the brand.
Timing and accurate retelling of the media release is up to the media to a certain extent..
(Belch et al., 2012)
Was the media strategy well chosen?
Old Spice supports their television ad with advertising in several other types of media.
All advertising incorporates the Old Spice Guy character promoting Old Spice products in usual comedic fashion. This ensured a consistent message across the media channels.
Old Spice managed to create hype before the campaign was even launched as Old Spice Guy's visit to Australia was considered news by the media.
By having an online presence (especially through Facebook), Old Spice is able to reach their young target audience to a greater extent.
Old Spice need to increase their presence online to accommodate their target audience from the social media generation.
They need an active Twitter account.
They need an Australian webpage.

Consider the previously mentioned objective of raising awareness about the relaunch of Old Spice in Australia..
More than 32,000 likes on Facebook page in less than three months.
Almost 100,000 views on Youtube Channel in one month.
Created hype in the media by utilizing Old Spice Guy's celebrity status.
Other relevant measures..
During the campaign:
Monitor the number of viewers of the TV ad.
Market research to measure sales.
Survey the target audience's perception of Old Spice after the campaign.
Was it an effective campaign?
The campaign theme of masculinity and unique humour was consistent throughout the campaign. This consistency further strengthened the brand image in the minds of consumers.

The campaign relies heavily on people's familiarity with the previous global campaign as well the unique sense of humour from the television ad. While effective in generating awareness for the brand in Australia, time will tell if sales have benefited from this strategy.

The campaign's online presence fit the profile of the young target audience - although a Twitter profile as well as a dedicated web page would be beneficial.

Henrik Hedegaard, n8947350
Tut: Tues, 3-4, Liz Buchanan.
Advertising Campaign Analysis
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