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Back To The Future Film Analysis

By Kourtney R. Hayes

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Back To The Future Film Analysis

By Kourtney Hayes
In the movie Back To The Future, Marty Mcfly is the protagonist. He fits the archetypal mold of Ares. I believe Marty fits this mold so well
because he on the edge and he fights for a good cause when everyone else is afraid to

I believe Doc Brown Serves as the wise old man, because he is someone Marty Admires. Even though some of his ideas are a bit outlandish, he always guides Marty to pursue whatever he desires in life

Example from the film:
Doc Brown shows his wisdom when he gives Marty sound advice not to metal into the future even if it seems right at the time. Particularly interacting with his parents as it can interfere with his existence. He also advised Marty not to tell him of the future whether it would help Doc or not. Doc was more concerned with Marty's well-being than his own. When Marty gave him a letter saying he'd be shot he ripped it up because he wanted to let whatever was going to happen to happen, because he feels it's better to let one bad thing happen than to have a string of bad events occur .
Example from the film:
Marty shows these very traits several times throughout the film. For example when Biff was messing with Marty's mom he was willing to fight him when no on else would. The fact the Marty fought for his mom also embodies the characteristic of this archetype to save the ones you love, no matter what the cost. Marty wasn't the guy who cared if he was late to class, or if his ride to school was a long board attached to a moving car.
Biff is the Antagonist in Back to the future. I have put him in this category because he not only opposed Marty and makes his mission more difficult he also antagonizes several central characters in the film, like Marty's Mom and dad
Example from the film:
Biff's antagonist qualities are best shown in the film when he tries to fight Marty in the cafeteria. He also antagonizes Marty by chasing him across town with his friends to "teach him a lesson. He bullied Marty's dad George constantly and would also play practical jokes him, like the classic "what's that on your shirt". His practical jokes show his joker qualities. Biff would also demand George to do his homework. He flirted with Marty's mom, Linda endlessly, even though she was clearly not interested.
Marty's dad, George is the pessimist of the story, or the "Debby downer". When Marty tries to help him, he often questions why he even bothers. I believe George reacts in this way because Marty was the first person to treat him kindly and see him for his true self. Marty often drove George to do things he never dreamed of doing. When George failed he pushed Marty away even more. George didn't believe in himself until he realized Marty wasn't going to give up on him
Example from the film:
George's Pessimistic qualities are shown when Marty tells him to ask his mother, Linda to the dance. He tells Marty that he just can't he didn't believe a girl that pretty would ever go for him. And that Marty was a much better candidate.
George had the idea that because Linda had a little crush on Marty, he had no chance or will to try and steer her away
12 Steps of a

Marty's journey back to the year 1955!
Call to Adventure
When Doc Brown calls Marty and tells him to meet him at 1:15 a.m in the parking lot of the Twin Pines mall to show him a new invention. When Marty gets there he films Doc's unavailing of what seems to be a regular old Delorian, but Doc later demonstrates with his dog, Einstein, that it's a time machine. Doc stole the plutonium to fuel the time machine from Libyans, so they shot him.
Answering the Call
Marty answered the call when he realizes he's in great danger, so to keep from getting shot, Marty hops into the delorian and begins to drive away from the Libyans. They were keeping up so he floored the car at 88mph, which is just enough power to get him back in time. So before he knew it he was back in the year 1955. Prior to DOc getting shot he said he needs to get another vile of Plutonium, cos if not he'd be stuck in the future, so Marty essentially answered the call when he found out he needed to get Plutonium to get back to the present.
Guide/ Mentor
Doc Brown, because he guides Marty during his endeavors through the year 1955. For example he lets Marty know that aside from Plutonium there is a way to get fuel the time machine through a single bolt of lighting. He also gave him the sound advice not to interact with others even if he believed it would help because the consequences of his one action can be dangerous.
Marty's talisman is the Delorian because without it he would not have gotten to the future in the first place. Without it he would have no chance of getting back home.
Marty's companion throughout his journey were Doc, because he was basically the only one he could trust and who he knew could help him get back to the present. Marty essentially got Doc to believe he was really from the future and that his invention worked when he told him about the flux capacitor and showed him the video footage he had taken the night he showed Marty his invention. In 1955 is when he first got the idea to start working on the time machine.
Crossing the Threshold
Marty Mcfly crosses the threshold when he hits 88mph, when he driving the Delorian and is transported back into the year 1955.
Road of Trials
Marty's road of trials begin upon arrival when he doesn't know where he his. He believes his in a dream until he sees someone's different is running for mayor and the clock that's in the middle of town works when its been broken in his time for 30years. Marty has to main objectives, one is to get his father to ask his mother to the Enchanted Under the Sea Dance so the can fall in love, so Marty and his other siblings can be born, and thus forth exist in the future. Lastly to harness a lightning bolt to power the delorian, because in 1955, Plutonium wasn't a readily available resource.
Brother Battle
Marty battles mentally with the fact that he has to get his mother and father to fall in love or his existence along with his siblings will no longer be.
Marty is kidnapped by Biff's friends and thrown in a trunk after he tries to keep Biff from his mom, so his father George can talk to her and they can fall in love.
Dragon Battle
When Marty fights Biff in the cafeteria for flirting with his mom
Marty's seeing his father as a teenager in the 1955. He first bumped into him at a soda shop, where the both had the same mannerisms and more obviously the same last name
Marty's mother becomes infatuated with him for the way he stood up to Biff for her.
Marty's mother, Linda falls into this archetype because of the way she falls deep infatuated with Marty after barely meeting him when she barely knew anything about him.
When Marty is chased around town by Biff.
Crossing The Return Threshold
When Marty is transported back to the future and he sees that his efforts in the future paid off as Doc wore a bullet proof vest and didn't die due to Marty's previous warning.
Freedom to Live
Marty kept his mom from drinking when she was a teenager, so she's no longer an alcoholic. Biff works for Marty's dad, when before it was the other way around. Marty gets the car he always wanted, when before it was wrecked. Marty still has the same girl friend as before and his mother approves, when before she didn't
Magic Elixir
Lightning, because it grants Marty the ability to get back to the future
Example from the film:
I believe the filmmaker did a good job of demonstrating the hero's journey. He also had each character fit an archetype that contrasted with the hero's qualities, to make the story more interesting. The movie is stronger because of it's use. I believe this movie is still just as good today as when it came out because the hero's journey is so universal in all cultures and generations.
In the film before Marty went back in time, his mother kept saying he met dad when her dad hit him with the car. So when Marty went back to 1955 he wanted save his dad so he gets hit by the car and she fall in love with him. This shows she fell in love with whoever is opportune at a particular time.
Ritual Death
Marty's ritual death occurs when he is playing guitar at the Enchanted Under the Sea Dance and he begins to slowly fade away because his parents aren't dancing like they're suppose to be, so Marty's existence is slowly fading away.
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