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Hitler youth and brainwashing the young

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chante johnson

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Hitler youth and brainwashing the young

Hitler youth and brainwashing the young
why did Hitler specifically target young people?
Hitler targeted young people mainly because , all this was going on after the WW1 and so many people had died. So therefor if he targeted young when they get older they can join his army.
why did Hitler place great Importance on young people in nazi Germany?
Because children could be manipulated easily installing children with Nazi ideas and way of life was easier to than for adults.simply , they also were germans future.
brainwashing the young takes place in?
In 1935 Hitler did a speech in Germany to encourage young people to join the Hitler youth.
one of Hitler schools to brainwash the young.
He alone, who owns the youth gains the future. on of his quotes.
How is this topic important to the war?
This is important because Hitler was trying to make kids dislike other kids that were
jewish . he made propaganda billboards and poster, and TV commercials.
young men that Hitler brainwashed. :( :(
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