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UAE Presidential Guard Recruitment Plan

6th Sense Media / Presidential Guard

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Transcript of UAE Presidential Guard Recruitment Plan

The Challenges:

-Informing the youth that the doors to recruitment are now open.
- Educating the youth on the benefits without making the Presidential Guard seem like an external military force.
-Convincing the youth that the Presidential Guard is a organization that they would be proud to join.
-Convincing the youth that the presidential guard will offer them a life like no other organization.

Concept 1: The Center Of Cogs:

A simple concept that highlights the result of being at the center of the machine.
The Presidential Guard will be shown in all its glory along side various other Government, Country and well established entities that allows for the UAE to run in a smooth, protected, successful and glorious manner.

The center of the machine will be revealed to be that of the Presidential Guard, while also highlighting the additional entities that make the UAE what it is today.

Concept 2: Best Of The Best:

A concept that highlights that all of the Local Emirate people are serving their nation.
Each worker serves his or her nation in their own way, some work as government official and in government offices, some work in the private sector, some offer opportunity to foreigners to be in the UAE and to also work for the nation.

The idea of the concept is to present a variety of options that are all very well acceptable, powerful and strong positions (as a career) to the target group, but offering them a element of difference if they are a part of the Presidential Guard.

Highlighting how the Presidential Guard will offer them excitement, action, intrigue, development, honor, pride and a sense of belonging.

Visually, we will compare different roles of different jobs and careers with that of the Presidential Guard. For example we will reveal the importance of the banker’s role to that of an officer in the Presidential Guard…or a Teachers role and that of a Commander in the Presidential Guard.

The aim is to show how all roles are important and serving the country, but the strongest role that someone can achieve is being a part of the Presidential Guard.

Concept 3: Man In The Mirror:

A concept that shows how you perceive yourself, as well as how others perceive you.
Having a Local Emirate man seeing himself in the mirror as either being unfit, wearing a suit or local Emirati Dress, but his reflection in the mirror shows him what he would look like, how strong he will be, how active he will be if he was to sign up to the Presidential Guard.

This concept also touches on the element of how others perceive this young Emirati male to be. His strength, his importance and his dedication.
The visuals used will be that of the man who wears different scenarios of dress, to see which suits him best. Only to discover that it’s the uniform of the Presidential Guard that suits him best.

Concept 4: Action Hero

A concept that combines a usage of action shots, to leave the viewers thinking, “Who is this action hero?” Only to find out at the end of the TVC that is a member of the Abu Dhabi Presidential Guard.

Example of scenarios:
Showing a man or various men in specific scenarios of making them look like “super hero’s”.
Having a man jump into a swimming pool, but coming out as a Presidential Guard soldier.
Having a man, jumping across buildings, running along rooftops, climbing the side of buildings and revealing him to dress in his uniform as a Presidential Guard soldier.
Having a man jumping over a moving car, holding immense strength by conducting various sporting activities and revealing him to be a member of the presidential guard.
This concept will offer an element of strength, determination, pride and above all power.

Thank you
Terms and Conditions:
All concepts within this presentation should not be adapted, used or altered in anyway without prior written consent from 6th Sense Media.

These concepts are solely the property of
6th Sense Media
Date: Monday October 28th 2013.

Concept 1: The Center Of Cogs:

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