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Noah Kleijne

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Animals

Amazone jungle
Negenbandig Gordeldier
Zuid Amerikaanse Tapir
Rode Piranha
Aï Luiaard
Amazone (Rivier)
Serrasasalmidae (Piranha)
Tropische rivieren
Vis, vlees, insecten, vruchten
25 cm lang
1 kilo zwaar
Familie Vissen
Panthera Onca (Jaguar)
Regenwoud, Wetland
Herten, Tapirs, Vissen Pekari's Kevers
1,1-1,9 meter (staart 45-75 cm)
45-120 kilo
Tapirus terrestis (South Tapir)
Regenwoud, Wetlands
Gras, bladeren, waterplanten, vruchten
1,7-2 meter
225 tot 250 kilo
Indische, Bergtapir
Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus (hyacint macaw)
Hoog booms, regenwoud
Vruchten en zaden
90-100 cm
1,5 kilo
Edelpapegaai, Lori
Dasypus Novemcintus (Nine-banded Amarillo)
Vochtige Regenwouden
Ongewervelde dieren, Eieren, Aas, zaden
40-60 cm
2,5-6-5 kilo
Bruinbehaard gordeldier
Hydrochaerus Hydrochaeris (Capybara)
Wetlands, Rivieren
Gras, waterplanten
1,1-1,3 meter
35-65 kilo
Waterzwijnen, Cavia
Bradypus Tryactilus (Three-Toed Sloth)
Bladeren, knoppen, twijgen
45-50 cm
2-5 kilo
Tweevingerige, Drievingerige luiaard
Harpia Harpyia (Harpy Eagle)
Mangrove, Regenwoud
Apen, Luiaards, Insekten, Reptielen
89-100 cm
4-9 kilo
Felis pardelis (Ocelot)
Warme Regenwouden
Muizen, reptielen, hazen, hertjes
70-100 cm (staart 30-45 cm)
12-16 kg
Eunectus murinus (Anaconda)
Warme wateren
Capibara's, herten, kaaimannen
6-10 meter
200-250 kg
Boa Constrictor
Brachyteles arachnoides (Wooly-Spider Monkey)
Hoge Sterke Bomen
40-65 cm lang (staart 60-90 cm)
10-12 kg
Lagotrhix lagotricha (Woolly Monkey)
Wtlands in Regenwoud
Fruit, Zaden, Insekten Bladeren
55-70 cm (staart 60-70 cm)
3-10 kg
Nasua nasua (Ring-tailed Coati)
Dicht-Begroeid bos
Insekten en fruit
41-70 cm
2,5-7 kg
Ateles paniscus (Black spider Monkey)
Hoge sterke bomen
Bloesem, noten, vruchten, bladeren
40-60 cm (staart 60-90 cm)
9 kg
Pterunora Brasillensis (Giant otter)
Wetlands, Rivieren, Meren in Regenwoud
Vissen, Krabben, Waterinsekten
1-1,4 meter (staart 45-65 cm)
22-32 kg
Trichechus inunguis (Amazonian manatee)
Stromende rivieren
Waterplanten en fruit
2 meter 80 cm
450 kg
Caribische zeekoe
Inia geoffrensis (Pink-riverdolphin)
Mangroveachtige wateren
Vissen en kreeften
2,5 meter
110 kg
Amazone dolfijn
Caprimulgilformes (frogmouth)
Insecten, Vruchten, Vogels
20 cm
45 gram
Het Noorden van Zuid-Amerika
Denbrobates azureus (blue poison frog)
geïsoleerde vochtige bossen
Afrikaanse Savanne
Pan panyscus (Pygmy chimpanzee)
Uitgespreide graslanden
Fruit, bladeren, bloemen, insekten
1,1 meter
Ong. 35 kilo
Mandrillus sphinx (Mandril)
Rotsige gebieden, graslanden
vruchten, insekten, paddestoelen
kop-romp 75 cm
Ong. 20 kg
Giraffa camelopardalis (Giraffe)
Grasland met hoge bomen
Bladeren, schors, loten van Acacia
Ong. 4,5 meter
Ong.1200 kg
Afrikaanse zeearend
Haliaeetus Vocifer (African fish eagle)
Afrikaanse meren rond graslanden
Vis, vogels, zoogdieren, vleermuizen
70 cm
3 kg
Afrikaanse Buffel
Syncerus caffer caffer (Cape buffalo
Savanne vooral bij meren
2,7 schouderhoogte, 1,5 meter lang
Ong. 685
Connochaetus taurinus (Wildebeest)
Savanne, zanderige vlaktes
schouderhoogte 145 cm, 2 meter lang
Ong. 220 kilo
Litocranius walleri (Gerenuk)
Bladeren van Acacia's
kop-romp 1,5 m schouderhoogte 90 cm
40 kg
Afrikaanse Olifant
Loxodonta Africana (African Elephant)
Grasvelden met bomen en water
Gras, twijgen, bladeren en schors
schouderhoogte 3,5 meter 4,2 meter
6000 kg
Toco Toucan, Ramphastas Toco
The Toco Toucan lives in the rainforests of the Amazon. It eats fruit, insects, frogs and eggs. His length is 53-60 cm. And his weight is 550 gram.
In flight it alternates between a burst of rapid flap with the relatively short, rounded wings, and gliding. It has a long bill. And lives in small groups or pairs. It's the biggest toucan.
Chestnut-Mandibled, Ramphastos Ambiguus Swainsonli
This Toucan lives in which breeds from eastern Honduras to northern Colombia to western Ecuador. The Swaison's Toucan eats fruits, insects, lizzards and eggs. The male is 56 cm long.
While the female is 52 cm long
The male is also 750 gram while the female is 580 gram. It has a gliding flight and lives in hollow trees
Keel-Billed Toucan, Ramphastos Sulfuratus
This Toucan can be found from southern Mexico to Venezuela and Colombia. The most of them live in the half open woods of Belize.
It eats fruit, insects, spiders, eggs and young birds. It length is 45-56 cm and it weighs about 350-500 gram. It has a gliding flight and is famous because it has a sulfur breast.
Saffron Toucanet, Pteroglossus Balloni
This Toucanet lives in South-East Brazil.
It eats berry's.
The male is 35 cm long and colourful while the female is 30 cm long and dull.
It has a serrated beak.
This Saffron coloured Toucanet is very shy. And lives only in very high tree's
This Toucanet is near-threatened
Emerald Toucanet, Aulacorhynchus Prasinus
This Toucanet lives from South Mexico to northern Venezuela and along the Andes as far south as central Bolivia. It lives in the mountainwoods.
This beauty eats fruit, insects and eggs.
It's 30 cm long and his weight can range from 118-230 gram. They make a lot of noisy sounds.
And imitate many calls of other birds.
It lives in old holes of Woodpeckers, or scare them out of their holes. A male and female live with each other.
This is a shy bird.
Blue-Throated Toucanet
Peruvian Toucanet
Andean Toucanet
Santa Marta Toucanet
Rhinoceros Hornbill, Buceros Rhinoceros
This is one of the most stupid bird i had ever seen.
But also one of the most beautiful birds.
It lives on southern Thailand, the Malay peninsula, parts of Borneo, Singapore, Java and Sumatra.
It eats fruit, small reptiles, rodents and little birds.
But his favorite food are figs, you can see him many times in a fig-tree.
This Rhino-bird has the size of a swan. It's 110 cm long and weighing 2-3 kilo.
This bird is threaten because his feathers are used for party dresses of the Dajaks.
Great Indian Hornbill, Buceros Bicomis
This mighty bird is founded in the forests, marshons and mountainforests of Nepal,
South-East India, South-East Asia, Sumatra and Indonesia. It eats figs and small reptiles.
The Great Indian is long-lived living for 50 years in captivity. It's 125 cm long and his weight is 2.15-4 kilo. This bird is famous because it takes care of his children. When this bird is flying his wings makes a ringing noise. And his call sounds very far. This bird is near-threatened.
Malabar Grey Hornbill, Ocyeros Griseus
This bird lives in de Western Ghats in India.
Malabar Grey Hornbills eats figs and other forest-fruit. It's 45-58 cm long.
They are found mainly in forest and around rubber, arecanut or coffee plantations.
They move around in small groups. This bird is

Spotted Hyena, Crocuta Crocuta
The laughing hyena lives in large parts of Africa beneath the Sahara. Many people think it's only a scavenger. But it will also hunt big mammals, hares and birds.
His length is 1.3 meter and his tail is 25 centimeters long. And his weight is 65 kilogram. This hyena is well known by his aggressive attacks and lives in large groups. The wife's are the hunters in this groups. Their speed in km per hour when hunting is 60. It's the biggest hyena.
Brown Hyena, Hyaena Brunnea
The Brown hyena lives in Southern Africa.
This hyena is well known of his powerful jawbone but the rarest hyena is a scavenger and it uses its bones for cracking bones of dead animals.
His length is 1.3 meter and his tail is 20 centimeters long. And his weight is 43 kilograms.
This hyena is often seen at sandy beaches eating
shell-fishes. But it is also seen in desserts eating famished, dead animals. The hyena lives in little groups or alone. This hyena is vulnerable.
Striped Hyena, Hyaena Hyaena
The Striped hyena lives from Northern Africa around the Sahara to large parts of East Africa to the Caucasus to the Middle East to East Asia until India.
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