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Federalist Vs. Anti Federalist

U.S. History Seminar

Alfonso M

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Federalist Vs. Anti Federalist

Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist What did they
support? Anti-Federalist Federalist Federalists supported the ratification of the
Constitution and a strong
central government. How would the Federalists
satisfy the wants of the Anti-Federalist? In order for the Anti-Federalist to accept the
Constitution, the Federalists were obligated to add a Bill
of Rights, which was later added to the Constitution. What are their
characteristics? A characteristic of theirs was that, they were mostly merchants, bankers, and lawyers that primarily lived in New England. Who are Anti-
Federalists? Anti-Federalists were people who
supported Thomas Jefferson. The Anti-Federalists opposed the constitution on the grounds that it gave too much power to the national government and did not favor the state's power. They also opposed it because it lacked a Bill of Rights. A characteristic of theirs was that,
they were mostly planters, farmers, and wage earners that primarily lived in the South and West. What did they
support? Anti-Federalists supported the Articles
of Confederation because it gave
more power to the states and they also supported the Bill of Rights. Who are
Federalists? Federalists were people who supported Hamilton. What are their
characteristics? Why where the Anti- Federalists against The United States Constitution? How is power divided between national and state governments today? Today power is divided between national and state government in a system called "federalism". What this system basically does is it constitutionally divides the central governing authority and states, and it shares their powers.
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