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Book presentation

Ceci & Ale Tontala

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of HOLES

Book Presentation
Cecilia Delitala

Luis Sachar

Publishing House:


Time I took to read it:
10 Days
Stanley's family has a history of bad luck because his great-great-grandfather never did what he had promised to a wisdom-teller: Madam Zeroni.

Stanley, in fact, isn't too surprised when he is unjustly sent to a boys detention center, Camp Green Lake. There is no lake at Camp Green Lake, only thousands of holes that the boys dig every day.

Chasing one of his friends,Zero who escaped from camp, Stanley ends up doing,without knowing, what his great-great-grandfather should have done a long time ago to cancel the spell of bad luck.

From that moment everything goes in the right way for him and he manages to find a treasure that belonged to his great-great-grandfather.

I give this book...
Leech= Blood sucking animal= Sanguisuga
To sniker = Lagh = Ridacchiare
Hammock = hanging bed with two chords at both ends = Amaca
Cluster = Group of objects= Raggruppamento
To cram =to fill (something) by force=
Crib = Representing of the holy family in the stall at Jesus's birth= Presepe
barefoot= without shoes = A piedi nudi
Sundial = an instrument that indicates the time of day= Orologio/ Meridiana
4 stars out of 5 because...

I found the book very interesting
I discovered what an American detention camp is-

It was a little too sad.
/ 5
Stanley and I have completely different lives and we don't have almost nothing in common.
The only thing that we have in common is the
importance we give to friendship.

To clink= to make a ringing sound= Tintinnare
W-w-well, I'm
22 y-y-years o-o-ld

To mutter = to say words indistinctly or in a low tone= Borbottare
favourite scene
My favourite scene is the scene in which Stanley decides to go and look after his friend Zero, who ran away from Camp Green Lake because was told that was useless and could only dig holes.
Stanley knows that he is risking his life running after him but he doesn't care because he is too worried about his friend and jumps on a truck and drives away.
the end
Main Characters
1. Stanley
2. Zero
Other important characters
3. Madam Zeroni
4. Boys at Camp
Camp green lake
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