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The Culture Similarities And Differences

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映茜 陈

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Culture Similarities And Differences

YINGQIAN CHEN The Culture Similarities and Differences between Chinese New Year Festival and Christmas The Similarities between
Christmas and Chinese New Year The Culture Combination Chinese New Year Festival At present, more and more Chinese people are celebrating Western Christmas while a majority number of Western people have fun celebrating the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year Festival, which also called Spring Festivals, can be regard as the most important festival in China Christmas Western Christmas is the most representative
festival in Western countries, which is Jesus'
birthday, celebrated on December 25 every year The Symbol of Chinese New Year Festival The gift for Children called red packet, which is a chinese way to convey good wishes to Children Red Packets Dragon Dance Chinese people believed that the loud beats of the drum and the deafening sounds of the cymbals together with the face of the dragon dancing aggressively can evict bad or evil spirits Dragon The Symbol of Christmas Christmas Tree People go to church to sing Christmas song In Western country, people decorate their house with Christmas trees; they traditionally decorate it with apples and nut. However, nowadays, lights and candies take the places on Christmas trees. They also use the colorful light to decorate their house. People decorate their house Santa Claus Both festival celebrate by family unit People decorate their house couple days before the festivals In China In China, people use hand-pained to
decorate their house they paste it on the
door In Western Country In Western country, people decorate their house with Christmas trees; they traditionally decorate it with apples and nut. However, nowadays, lights and candies take the places on Christmas trees. They also use the colorful light to decorate their house. People unit to have dinner on these festivals In both China and Western Countries, parents and friend offer gifts to the children In western country In China Red Packet Christmas Gift The Differences between Chinese New Year and Christmas In China, the gift for children called “red packet”, parents or relative put money inside the “red packets”, which is a Chinese way to convey good
wishes to Children. In the western countries, gift are usually received by children from their parents or friends, after Children open gifts, they will put their gift on the Christmas tree. “red packet” and “Christmas gift” are both the ways people express their wishes to others. Chinese New Year Dinner On the festival table; dumpling is indispensable; it is a kind of balls of dough, with meats and some vegetables inside. Chinese people eat dumpling for it symbolizes money and prosperity Dumpling Fishes Besides, in some area, people like eat fishes. Fishes is also a symbol of money and lucky in Chinese culture. In Western Christmas In Western Christmas, people usually have a whole turkey on their table instead, which turkey can be regard as similar indispensable meal in western country. Turkey Pumpkin pie Different ways to send gift In China In Western Country In the next morning, which also first morning of the New Year period, children can find the “red packet” under their pillow. In Western countries, children will put a big sock beside their bed or fireplace, waiting for Santa Claus to leave their gift in their Sock Christmas In China In China, signs of Christmas can be seen everywhere. On the streets and in department stores, there are Christmas trees, lights and decorations everywhere. In the Christmas Eve, lovers always go out together for dinner, single persons, however, usually go out with their families and friends instead. Chinese New Year Festival In Western Countries In some Western countries, people wear Chinese traditional clothes, and go to China restaurant to eat dumplings. China towns in major cities among Western countries are always gather to celebrate the Spring Festival. City such as San Francisco; Seattle, Sydney are the most alive city to celebrate the spring festival. Overseas Chinese celebrate Spring Festival Christmas atmosphere in China Citation Page http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/photo/2012-01/30/c_131382632_5.htm
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