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Proposed Tribal BP for Obesity

Shows community action plan for current REACH program (which involves three tribes) at the ITCM along with the proposed tribal obesity prevention plan for all tribes in Michigan.

Cathy Edgerly

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Proposed Tribal BP for Obesity

Current Tribal Programs that Address Obesity - REACH US
Cathy Edgerly, Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan Traditional cooking class
using fresh produce from local gardens. Education is provided on the cultural, historical, and nutritional value of these foods. Three Tribes Utilize Best Practice
Interventions to Address CVD and
Diabetes and Risk Factor of
Obesity A Walking club Kickoff Which Offered screenings
and Exercise Demonstrations Proposed Tribal Community Action Plan to Address Obesity Think about using Tribal
specific objectives to fill in
gaps in the Obesity Strategic
Plan. Gaps exist partly because Tribes are sovereign nations which make them unique.

By January 2012, Increase healthy food options
within community, and or school and early childhood
based settings in a minimum of seven communities
with at least two strategies per tribe. MAPPS Interventions:
Media i.e. promote P.A or Nutrition
Access i.e. safe attractive accessible place for activity Point of Purchase/Promotion i.e. signage for neighborhood destinations or public transportation
Price i.e. reduced price for parks, incentives for active transit, subsidized mem. fees
Social Support i.e. walking challenges or a bike buddy system
By 2012 Establish evidence based interventions within a minimum of seven tribal communities as measured by the number of sites fully implementing their selected MAPPS interventions. By 2011 Develop and implement a culturally
specific media campaign within seven tribes
to encourage healthier beverage choices while
countering sugar sweetened beverages. MI Nutrition, PA, and ObesityPrevention Strategic Plan
may be linked to tribal specific objectives which will help
fill in some o fthe gaps. They are like a country
within a country. They
operate under their own
government, within
the state of Michigan.
State policies do not apply
on tribal land. By January 31, 2012, increase at least two
opportunities for physical activity among
youth and adults within a minimum of
seven tribal communities
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