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Breakfast of Champions vs. Watchmen

Comp 2 Final Project

Pedro Garcia

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Breakfast of Champions vs. Watchmen

Pedro Garcia's Final Project Watchmen
Breakfast of Champions I will like to point out to TWO
very important ties between
the two books. These two
ties only include Walter Kovacs or "Rorschach"
from Watchmen, and Dwayne
Hoover from B.O.C. they look like this Dwayne Hoover Walter Kovacs "Rorschach First Important Connection
(Might be a little silly) Yes Drano

Dwayne Hoover's wife Celia committed suicide by drinking drano.
Rorschach's mother was murdered by her pimp where he forced her to ingest drano.
Then We have our second important connection Both of the characters i choose were
tragic heroes are both considered crazy or
unstable. This was really interesting to me
beacause they even though they were classified
as being crazy Rorschach was crazy in a sense of
protecting innocent people, and Walter was just
looking for answer to who he really was. This is what would happen if they met! Thank You for your time!
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