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Late Adulthood

psy 210 prezi by Brooke Decker and Danielle Fletcher.

Danielle Fletcher

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Late Adulthood

Late Adulthood What is old? What does it mean to age? “This life and the things that happen in it, are all we have so why not make the best of it??!!!” America's population of centenarians – already the largest in the world – has roughly doubled in the past 20 years to around 72,000 and is projected to at least double again by 2020, perhaps even increase seven-fold, according to the Census Bureau. in some interesting ways Is my life over? Nothing will ever happen to me anymore!! Do I just wait to die? 98 year old woman we surveyed digitalunite.com found that as of last November 32% of Facebook users were over 76 Breaking Age Stereotypes Emotional & Social development Social Circles of People over 80 old is 65-80 old-old is over 80 It depends on a person's perspective. No! that is depressing and a waste of time Not True Ageism:
discrimination on the basis of age, especially against older people. National Institute on Aging's
Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging studied 440 men and women ages 18-49, at the start of the study, for over five decades . The study team unveiled a strong association between ageism and poorer cardiovascular health later in life.

25% of the people that negative views of old age had a stroke or developed a heart condition. 13% with positive views of old age had a stroke or developed a heart condition. Types Of Social Circles For Late Adulthood - Friends
- Family
- Pets
- Self Why are social circles so important in Late Adulthood -Social Circles are proven to be very important for the health older people.

-Maintaining close relationships can help keep the mental health of older people at a better state than those who have little to none social interaction.

- Loneliness can occur where they feel like they are being excluded and begin to give up on living to their fullest, give up their happy. Elder Abuse -Elder Abuse can play a huge role in an old person wanting to give up or feel as though they don't

- The sad thing is that many cases of physical elder abuse are performed by family members of the person, making them feel helpless and without hope.

-There is an agency called Adult Protective Services, which can help as long as the issue is reported. Many cases are not.

- The #1 reported type of Elder Abuse is Self Neglect, which is a syndrome in which older people can't meet basic needs and if not reported, they could have an earlier death. Measures Taken To Prevent Elder Abuse - The American Healthcare Association(AHCA), has begun to distribute videos created to train people on measures to prevent this.
-Some states, such as Massachusetts, have had their staff go to conferences, watch video training and participate in workshops all in the effort of ending elder abuse in nursing homes. Social survey A Social Survey was created by our group and was given to a group of elderly both inside a nursing home and living outside of a nursing home on their own.

The results showed that as long as the proper social activities were occurring, both elderly people within the nursing home and living on their own were happy and had positive views on others.

Some within the nursing home who had little family to visit them were not as happy as those who did.

Some adjectives used to describe their social lives' were delightful, happy, lengthy and steady. Aging is not mearly the passage of time. "It is the manifestation of biological events that occur over a span of time. There is no perfect definition of aging but, as with love and beauty, most of us know it when we experience it or see it." http://transgenerational.org/aging/perceptions.htm
http://www.ted.com/talks web sites New York hotline # 1-800-342-3009 (Toll free in New York) - Press Option 6
New York Protective Services
Adults NURSING HOME COMPLAINTS: 1-888-201-4563
E-Mail: nhintake@health.state.ny.us
866-893-6772 Book Human Development - 10th edition
by Thomas Crandell, Corinne Crandell and James Vander Zanden Song La Vie En Rose Louis Armstrong
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