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Systems Analysis and Design & Project Management

Systems Analysis & Design 8th Edition

Pedro Veloso

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Systems Analysis and Design & Project Management

Team Members:

Bob White

Sara Bishop

Bernie Boutilier

Pedro Veloso

Adam Cartwright

Carson Sullivan New Payroll/Accounting Systems
Proj. Development Weekly Meeting

Statement of Work

Stakeholders Responsibility Matrix
Communications Report
Project Purpose
Project Objectives
Project Scope
Project Calendar

Business Profile

Business Functions

Project Plan Development

Weekly Project Status Report

End of Project Initiation / Planning Phase Project Initiation Planning Phase Development / Implementation Phase Close Out Project Phase Recommendations What happened in the project?
What were the main milestones and activities? Who participated in the project? What did each person contribute to the
project’s completion?
What was the project’s final output?
How did it measure up against the project’s success criteria? Were mistakes made that could be avoided on future projects? To the Business

The Bar Cop POS Touch Computer Bundle w/POS Software JT’s Pub & Steakhouse Pedro Bob Carson Bernie Sara Adam What methods or ideas went well, and how might the team re–use these in future projects? What is the current status of the project’s output? No questions Thanks! The Purpose of the Project Initial Project Meeting

Team Charter

Research a Business

Obtain a Business
Confirm Business

Project Plan Development Research Weekly Meeting

Identify Information Systems

Explain the Internet and or EDI

Develop an Organization Chart

Presentation Documentation

Project Plan update

Weekly Project Status Report

End of Analysis Phase
Analysis Phase Weekly Meeting

Current System Description

DFD's Creation


Presentation Documentation

Project Plan update

Weekly Project Status Report

End of Development / Implementation Phase
Weekly Meeting

Systems Requirement Document

Peer and Self-Evaluation

Project Plan update - Final

Weekly Project Status Report

Final Project Summary Report

Prepare Presentation


End of Close Out Project Phase
Major Business Functions and Operations



Certified Licensed Bar - There is a $5 cover charge to get into the bar.

Stock Keeping


Payroll Financial Facts

• A Family owned Corporation

• In the past ten years, JT’s Pub and Grill has increased its sales by 30%.

• Considered the most popular bar in New Waterford today.


• JT’s Pub and Grill currently employs of two owners, one manager and twenty employees Project Goals and Objectives

Consult with the Stakeholders by March 28th. The stakeholders are Jill, Joey, and Richard.

Examine the current system by March 30th

Have a description of the current accounting system completed by April 1st

Improvements that can be done to the system by April 4

Research new systems that might be better suited to the business by April 6th

Recommendations that can be made to the current system or upgrade to a new system that would benefit the business.

The budget must not exceed $3860

The project must be completed by April 12. http://www.capebretontakeout.com/restaurants/new_waterford/JTsPub/index.html

CC and interact - 10% of payments
ATM - provides quick option for cash payments

Whether or not the business supports these payment methods is often the first question asked by new customers upon first entering the premises. Identified Systems

JT’s Pub & Grill are currently using only one system, which is Microsoft Office Excel. They are only using Excel for their payrolls. Everything else such as their stock, cheques, etc. are done manually through paperwork.
Cash Flow

Business Expenses Budgeting

JT’s have an Expense Budget, Event Budget, Business Trip Budget, and Expense Reports.

Asset Depreciation Schedule Payroll

JT’s use excel to calculate employee payroll numbers from employee data such as hours worked, pay rates, taxes, and other deductions they have.

Employee Information
Payroll Calculator
Individual Paystubs

JT’s record the payroll cheques they issue to employees and deducts from their bank account.

Vacation Payable
EI Payable
CPP Payable
Tax Payable
EI Expense
CPP Expense

These calculations are done on a monthly basis and sent to Revenue Canada.

Bank Reconciliation:

JT’s keep track of the deposits made for the business as well as any cheques that have been written. The bank reconciliation is done every month. To the team

more time to prepare the project
smaller groups
more time to locate a project business
the right to choose our own teams Team leader - Bob White
Chairing the team meetings,
Team Charter
Weekly summary reports
Co-authoring this final report
Organizational Chart
Co-authored the EDI Report

Team member - Sarah Bishop
Co-author of final report
Research the business
Stakeholders Matrix
Communications Report
Co-authored the EDI Report
Official note taker
Description of the current system
Co-prepared presentation script

Team member - Pedro Veloso
Project Plan
Co-prepared presentation
Research the business.

Team member - Bernie Boutilier
Find our business
First contact
Co-identified the types of information systems
Co-authored the Recommendations
Co-prepared our Systems Requirement Document

Team member - Carson Sullivan
Co-identified the types of information systems
Co-authored the Recommendations
Co-prepared our Systems Requirement Document

Team member - Adam Cartwright (physical injury)
Co-prepared our Systems Requirement Document Touch screen w/ OS & software
Atom CPU
$ 2049.00
accounting, inventory, order systems
bar and restaurant. Payroll
Sales report
Payment reports
Point of sale debits
Back Office Features:

 Export Reports To Excel
 Employee/Entertainment Scheduling
 Payroll Reports
 Inventory Shopping List
 Tax Reporting
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