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The Cogun Process

No description

Jim Couchenour

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of The Cogun Process

COMMENCE CONTROL Percept Study Financial Feasibility Study Space Programming CREATE Schematic Design Video Visualizations COST Project Costing Range of Value CONSTRUCTION This helps you understand the mission field God has placed you in (your local community) This helps you determine the
right space for future growth
and ministries This helps you determine the
budget that guides the overall
process This includes master planning,
floor plans, elevations and outline
specifications This includes 3D renderings and
video animations (fly thrus) that help
you and your congregation visualize
what the project will look and feel like This is a cost range for the next
phase of building Once design is complete, a comprehensive
costing analysis is finalized and you will
receive a lump sum price for the project CONTEXT CONTRACT This is the document we sign to begin the process of building. Construction
Agreement CODE TCI This tool analyzes your church strengths and areas of improvement and helps with the timing of the project.
TRANSFORMING CHURCH INDEX DPA Development and Planning Agreement
This is the document we sign to begin working together. Once construction begins we
meet with you monthly to keep
you up to date with what is
happening and begin to prepare for the increased ministry God has for you... helping the Church expand www.cogun.com and then...
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