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Converting from Automic UC4 to BMC Control-M V9

No description

VPMA Global Services

on 16 January 2017

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Transcript of Converting from Automic UC4 to BMC Control-M V9

Control-M is Extremely Stable
- No application-specific skill required
- Drag-and-drop job creation
- Avoid developing in-house scripts
- Write your own integrations
- Large user community
- Interactive training & Youtube videos
- Visualized job flow & execution status
- Out-of-the-box Job run time estimations
- Real-time alerting & paging
- Alert filtering, Locating problematic jobs
- Integration with ITSM systems
- Personalizing the view
- Comprehensive "find" features
- Neighbors and critical path analysis
- Update active jobs on-the-fly
- Hold / kill / rerun / bypass
- Who did what and when (auditing)
- Better understanding of "what's running"
- Spotting issues and gaps in the job flow
- Reduce the overall processing window
Converting to BMC Control-M V9
Solution Overview
Extremely stable
Highly scalable architecture
Intuitive GUI design, rich API
New features in the version 9 release
24/7 technical support, fast turnaround
Leader in Gartner's WLA Magic Quadrant
Industry proven conversion methodology
A track record of successful conversions
Utilizes BMC supported migration toolkit
Low cost: semi-automated process
Low risk: dryrun & validation
Highly scalable architecture
Intuitive GUI design, rich API
Cutting-Edge Features - Job Triggering
ABC Bank
- Runs 50,000+ jobs daily
- Has 100,000+ job definitions
- Connected with 1,200+ Agents
- Handles 3,000,000+ job executions per day
- Has 300+ GUI users
- Event-based playback
- Time-based playback
- Gantt chart view
- Apply what-if scenarios
- Simplified Web GUI for creating requests
- Enforce site standards
- Streamline Job creation/update/removal process
- Promoting jobs between environments
BMC lab's banchmark testing results
- Tested for 20K, 40K, 100K and 300K jobs
- Whitepaper is available for customers
"Our Control-M environment has been stable and never had any issues since the version 7 upgrade you did for us in 2011. One day last year, some application tester ordered 100,000 jobs by mistake, surprisingly, Control-M was still kicking along."

- Chris Cunningham, ABC Bank, Jan 2015
Date & Time based
- Sophisticated calendar rules
- Set-time triggering
- Cyclical execution
Event based
- File arrival
- Creating jobs on-demand
- Human confirmation / Self-service
- API / web service interface
- Control-M internal events (e.g. job failures)
- Logical resource constraints
- Global start/stop rules
Design considerations
- Number of jobs/executions per day? - Number of connected Agents?
- Location & timezone? - Network & security requirements?
Cutting-Edge Features - Job Creation & Update
Shared Workspace
Mass update and job templates
Job version control
Cutting-Edge Features - Job Monitoring
Cutting-Edge Features - Reporting
- Predefined reporting templates
- Generate reports in batch mode
- Reports can be exported into different formats: xls, doc, pdf, html, xml, csv, ttx
Cutting-Edge Features - Viewing the Past/Future
Cutting-Edge Features - Self Service
Cutting-Edge Features - Workload Change Manager
Migration Method & Approach
Already available in V9:
- Built-in automated application failover
- Built-in component monitoring and alerting
- Automated GUI client deployment
- Automated Control-M/Agent deployment, upgrade and rollback
- Simplified SSL deployment and management
- Sharing information between jobs
- Capture job output into a variable and allow other jobs to access
- Workload Archiving
- Proactive alerting (Batch Impact Manager)
- Usage alerting
- Gantt Chart View

Coming soon:
- Export job diagram to MS Visio
Cutting-Edge Features - Other Features Highlights
Cutting-Edge Features - Control-M for Informatica
- Start or rerun an Informatica workflow from a specific task
- Schedule a single task of an Informatica workflow
- Access from Control-M to the log and statistics information of a specific Informatica session
- Support for Informatica PowerCenter v9.6
- Secured authentication via LDAP
- Support the ability to schedule concurrent executions of Informatica workflows and the ability to specify instance name attribute value
BMC Technical Support
Control-M vs. Automic
- Workflow, Embedded Workflow
- Task (jobs, file transfers etc.)
- Link
- Sequence
- Folder, Sub-Folder
- Job (File Watcher, File Transfer, SAP etc.)
- Condition / Job Dependency
- Job Flow
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