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Embedding Research in Curricula

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Jessie B

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of Embedding Research in Curricula

With the growing emphasis on student learning activities, the student experience, and quality assurance measures, integrating research-based knowledge with teaching has become an important area that needs attention.

The link between research and teaching is not automatic. Thus, it needs to be formally created in higher education departments in order to
achieve a productive relationship between research and student learning.
When talking about research and curriculum it is important to identify what aspect of research needs to be transferred to students:

-research findings?
-research skills?
-research process?
-research methods?
Creating Critical Ripples in the Curriculum
Gender and Education:

A level 6 module written to
explore research skills
around gender issues in
education with students.
Creating Ripples for Cohort Identity
The Education Cafe:

A symposium series
to showcase the research
of staff and students
in the department
available to all education
Inviting students to network, collaborate and participate in research processes and the planning of research methods and data collection for local projects.

-Placement module and local
-Writing with students
-Enabling student collaborations
Thanks for your time!
Embedding Research in Curricula: Creating Research Ripples.
Research and curricula
University of West London

Jessie Bustillos

Research Communication
what is educational research?
how can we think about education critically?
Opening up the Research process
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