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A Quilt of A Country

No description

Jireh Wiggins

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of A Quilt of A Country

A Quilt of a Country
By: Anna Quindlen
Presentation By: Jireh Wiggins

The different backgrounds, cultures, and views that shape America have often caused civilized conflict.
Anna Quindlen uses metaphors allusions and logical appeal to support her argument.
In the text Quindlen compares the US to a Quilt built of discordant bits and pieces. The quilt represents our nation and the Bits and pieces are the people living in the nation.
In her text Anna Quindlen alludes to the patriotic song " America the Beautiful". She quotes part of the song when she writes "It is difficult to know how to convince them that this amounts "crown thy good with brotherhood"..."
Logical appeal
In her text Quindlen uses a lot of facts to support her argument. She uses the history of the united states saying "The lynching of blacks, the denial of rights to women,the murders of gay men.."
Overall I believe Anna Quindlens Speech was the most persuasive. Her use of allusions, logos and metaphors helped teach me about Americas conflicts. not just between blacks and whites but between Jews and Irish men, men and women, neighbors and neighbors.
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