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directions and such

No description

jason sims

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of directions and such

It goes up
it goes down
it goes upside down
it goes left
it goes right
My lunch went in,
But now it's coming out! Up Down Upside down Left Right GO !! Come out Now What Am I Riding? a. I am riding my bike b. I am riding on the roller coaster. c. I am riding in a car What does the roller coaster do? a. It stops b. It flies c. It goes up and down Which is true? a. I am coming out of my home b. I am throwing up c. I am eating lunch Match the words! If I stand on my head Smoke blows in this direction Inside out I put my shirt on the wrong way Upside down Up Inside out Reverse Dive Inward Dive Twisting dive Armstand Dive Forward dive Backwards dive Directions! Ready? Get set! Cause and Effect http://eflclassroom.ning.com/page/page/show?id=826870%3APage%3A72485
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