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How to prepare for Hercules Trophy?

a step by step to do-list for Hercules contact persons, captains and players

Hercules Trophy

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of How to prepare for Hercules Trophy?

What are our objectives?
What is our team name?
What slogan are we going to use?
Where can we find a company flag?
On which labour will we use our joker?
How are we going to win the “Coolest Team competition?”
What outfit are we going to wear?
Which song do we pick as our team song?
Any ideas for a team picture?
How are we going to prepare the team?
Promote your company
Complete your profile
"To be prepared is half the victory"
Miguel Cervantes Saavedra
How to prepare for
Who is involved?
contact person
CxO pétanque player
The contact person is the internal organizer in your company. He/she
orders online
your teams.
Treat your Hercules contact person well :)

is the leader of your team. He/she is in charge of the organization and logistics of the team. The captain is responsible for the
team strategy.
5 to 7 motivated people
who aren’t afraid of a challenge.
No need to be an athlete to participate; a basic condition will do.
2 senior
invited to the C-level pétanque tournament
in a genuine French atmosphere.
If your colleagues can’t participate for whatever reason, invite them to come over during the day to support your teams. We welcome children too! Some companies have the wonderful habit to invite their customer(s) into their teams. Best bonding experience!
Are you a contact person?
Are you a captain?
Are you a player?
*click on the
to continue from there
*click on the
to continue from there
*click on the
to continue from there
Arrive on time in the morning.
Listen to the
of the fabulous Hercules crew.
Go with the flow, have
outrageous fun
during the entire day and experience the legendary
Hercules party
Follow scores and planning on http://

Go home with the fear of never having so much fun again for the rest of your life. Don’t plan too many activities on the day after the Trophy, because you will feel some
you even didn’t know you had. :-)
Ask around for teams within your company. Use flyers, powerpoints from our website to convince your colleagues.
What to do?
If your company has never participated before, send us an e-mail to ask for a company account. We will give you the administration rights to order online.

It’s easy and quick. Log on to the website http://
and click on “My Orders”
(warning: this view is reserved for Hercules
contact persons
You get to see 2 different options:
Order Overview
: a total overview of the orders your company has made in the past.
New Orders
: to order your teams/catering now.
Ordering your team is pretty straightforward. But if you have never seen a
web shop
before in your life: This is how you order your teams. If you know how a web shop works: skip this step.

Select your Trophy on the
Order page
. Click the button “
Continue to shop
Fill in the number of teams you need. Click on “
Add to Cart
”. Once you are finished, click on the button “
to shopping cart
In the Shopping Cart, you get an
of the products you have ordered. You also get the
total price
of the order with VAT. You can make
to this order.
Once you are sure about your order, click on “to payment”.
Select your
mode: “send invoice”. Click on “
To Invoice Address
Add an Invoice Address, or select the Invoice Address that has been filled in previously. Click on “
To Checkout
You will get an
of your order with the Invoice Address you have selected. There’s also a box in which you can fill in remarks, or your P.O. number if necessary. Don’t forget to read and accept the general
terms and conditions
! Click on “Confirm” if everything is ok. Click on “Back to Inv Address” if you want to adapt the order.

Once you have clicked the “
” button, you will receive an automated
confirmation via e-mail
. Your teams will be posted on the website automatically.
Join a club
Order online
Use the web shop
In “My Profile”, choose “My Team” and then click on the “
Edit Teams
” button. Captains will receive an automated e-mail with instructions. You will also be able to manage the employees in your company (remove ex-employees, add new employees, etc.). Your transactions will appear in the Hercules “
” on the website.
Edit your teams
Look for motivated team players amongst your colleagues, customers and friends. No need to be a sport fanatic to join the team. A basic condition will do! A team has at least
5 members
(for the strivers amongst you) and at a
maximum 7
members (advised for the tourists).
Player scouting
The Captain receives an automated
to get his team ready to participate:
Organize a first team meeting
The A Team?
The Bulldogs?
The Incredibles?
The Warriors
Power Angels?
Killer Tomatoes?
Victorious Secret?
Wii Not Fit?
Magnificent Seven?
Or something more original?
Let's get this Party started?
Stronger, Higher, Faster?
The labours are chosen to ensure that your teambuilding skills are used at all times.
Every labour is rated on

Every labour is performed by
4 team members
and takes
15 minutes
After every labour, there's a 15 minutes break.
You can put your joker on one of the 12 labours. If you finish first at that labour, you will earn extra points!
What to do at Hercules Trophy?
Connect with other players, teams, participating companies trough several social media
Administer your team online
NEW since 2012: “Kindest Team Competition”. Raise funds with your team for the charity project in your country and win the prize for Kindest Team. You can raise the funds via your team page.
Add players. They will receive an automated mail with instructions. Try to do this as soon as possible! This will make sure your team members will receive all practical info on time.
Vote for your team in the “Coolest Team Contest”! The coolest team will receive a prize during the Trophy. Send the URL of your team page to your friends to collect votes. Only teams with a team picture can join the coolest team competition.

Make the competition even more fun and challenge up to 3 other teams in the competition. If your end ranking is higher than theirs, you get extra points! You can challenge them via your team page.

learn the hercules dance...
Log on to the www.herculestrophy.com , click on “My Profile” and choose “My team”:
They are invited in a
networked competition
of Pétanque where they can earn
extra points
for your team.
Invite 2 CxO's
=management representatives within your company
To register them, click on
My Profile
(submenu My Company) and fill in their
e-mail addresses.
Make a list of all the
requiring a party dinner. Determine the number of
drink cards required
. You can change your food orders until 2 weeks before your Trophy.
Remark: Even if your supporters have to pay for the party dinner by themselves, you have to
through the
web shop
. About your drink tickets: you don’t have to order them in advance.
You can buy your drink tickets during the Trophy and ask for an invoice.
Upload your pictures and videos on social media. BTW, don’t forget to have a look if you are on the official Hercules pictures in the photo gallery on http://
Tell your colleagues, family and friends about this wonderful experience and
start the countdown
for next year’s edition! Cherish all the pictures taken of you and your heroic team and show them to your grand children within a few decades.
Tell lifetime stories
Invite your colleagues, friends and family to come and support you at the Trophy. Contact your local Hercules Trophy organization to check the special rates for supporters.
Coolest Team Competition
Is your team the coolest team on the planet? Ask people to vote online for your team by sending them your team page URL. The Coolest Team gets a really cool award!
Kindest Team
: raise funds for your charity project. The team that raises the most, wins the Kindest Team Competition. Don’t have a charity project? Support one of the Herculix Foundation projects!
Spread the news
Complete your personal profile online and have a look at this year’s labours and planning to get ready for the best team experience of the year.
Go online
Be ready
Do we know the team slogan and name?
Do we have a company flag?
Is our
team outfit
totally Herculean?
Does everybody know what to bring?
do we have to be there?
do we get there?
Go through the
on the website.
Is the
planning online
yet? Did we read the rules? Do we know where we want to use our Joker? Who does what?
Who are our competitors?
Have our CxO’s confirmed for the pétanque tournament?
Are we ready to party and jump on the tables?
Are our
registered online?
Do we know the Hercules values: safety – fun – planning.
The captain organizes the last meeting in order to discuss the following items:
My Profile
in the sub-menu, fill in your personal details and upload a gorgeous picture of yourself. The more you participate, the more buttons you earn.

Click on
My Company.
Fill in the company details, present your company and upload the company logo. If you already know the names of the 2 CxO’s who will be joining the pétanque tournament, fill in their names and e-mail addresses.

NEW since 2012: Clubs!

You can create your own club and invite other participating companies to join the club (e.g. logistical companies, member associations, etc.). The aim is to have a challenge amongst club members.
Just some ideas:
A weekly simple team exercise at the office?
Trying to eat healthy?
Learn the Hercules Dance? Here’s an example from South Africa…
How to play pétanque
Go to bed early and prepare yourself for the best teambuilding experience of your life. Just an idea: get a babysitter for your children! You might come home late after the Trophy party…
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