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Utah Salt Lake City East Mission

No description

Sandi Eberhardt

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Utah Salt Lake City East Mission

Utah Salt Lake City East Mission
Daily Schedule
Obedience in the morning
Letters to President Eberhardt
Every Monday
Medical Cards
About Your Mission
Opened July 1, 2013
1 zone from the USLCS Mission & 4 zones from the USLC Mission
Ten languages spoken within the mission
P-days are Mondays
Dilgence in the morning
Miracles in the evening
Obedience begins at 6:30 am
What your letters should contain:
Share a miracle
Tell about your relationship with your companion
What Christlike attribute are you working on and how it is going
Tell about your work with investigators and less actives
How are things going with wards & stake, WML's, councils
Key Indicators
We are an obedient mission - Handbook
We are a Preach My Gospel Mission
We have a "divine obsession" with baptism
Do not ask President Eberhardt or myself to give you permission to be disobedient i.e. family in town, lunch with aunt or grandmother, temple with brother or sister receiving an endowment
Stress, Anxiety & Homesickness
First 12 Weeks
Adjusting to Missionary Life
Call me first
Mission Doctor/Dr. VanKomen/Free Clinic
Urgent or InstaCare
Never use the emergency room as a first option
They are mentors
If they are not obedient please let President or me know
Don't learn bad habits or accept them as OK
$10 co-pay
Dental & Vision
Plan ahead
What is P-day Schedule
Exercise, study, grocery shop, pick up necessities, prescriptions (plan ahead)
No mall hanging out
Write letter to president, family, friends
District or Zone activities
Do not hang out at a members home
Back to work by 6 pm
Take care of personal matters: prescriptions, doctors appointments
Call me
Do not go to an emergency room unless.....
Monday is a free clinic but must let me know
Reading material
Always take notes and have your journal & pen with you
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