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Japanese American Internment


efosb idusuyj

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of Japanese American Internment

Sept. 1, 1939
Beginning of World War 2 Dec. 7, 1941 Surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Leads to America's Entry Feb 19, 1942 President sign order saying War Deparment to exclude anyone on the the west coast August 12, 1942 Heart Mountain Camp opens with the first group of internees from Califorinia H Hi Feb 5 , 1943 The Wyoming Congress passes a law denying voting rights to internees Feb 8,1943 A loyalty test is manditory for people over the age of 17 August 6,9, 1945 Atomic Bombs dropped on Japanese cities,begins the end of war November 10, 1945 Heart Mountain closes
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