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Coming of Age in Fairy Tail-Natsu Dragneel

No description

Ebriel Porras

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Coming of Age in Fairy Tail-Natsu Dragneel

Coming of Age-Fairy Tail-Natsu Dragneel
Relationship with Lucy
Natsu and Lucy's relationship grows in chapter 50 when Lucy gets kidnapped by a dark guild. When Natsu finds out, he takes a member of that guild and almost killes him because he wouldn't say what he wanted to know for where Lucy was. When the guy finally tells Natsu a clue to where she might be, Natsu finds her by catching her from a very high building when she jumps out because she heard his voice. That says she trusted her life to Natsu, proving that their friendship has developed more in the manga..
Connection to The Outsiders
Natsu has no human parents. His only father was a dragon named Igneel but, sadly, he disappeared 7 years ago when Natsu was only at least 9 or 10. (His age is unknown so I'm not sure. Then there was a big time skip making it 14 years he disappeared.) That can relate to Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop because they also have no parents. And Ponyboy cares deeply about his friends just like Natsu. Also, Natsu is very wreak less just like Sodapop but he also can act like Dally getting in trouble all the time (But not like going to jail and all that.) and being violent.
Although Natsu doesn't come of age mentally, in this situation i mean smartness, he has the characteristics of coming of age physically and...mostly...mentally. Once you think about it, you can see he has a lot in common with both Ponyboy and Dally. (he's just not THAT bad.)
Natsu has the most determination throughout the manga and it's all because of his friends but his determination actually develops. Chapter 1 page 69 he finishes off his enemy because he was a fake mage from "Fairy Tail". Because of that, Natsu gets extremely mad. Chapter 160, page 14-16 Natsu is fighting another enemy named Zero who, at first, is stronger than Natsu. Then when Zero believes he is about to win, Natsu goes into "Dragon Force" which is his strongest point in his magic. Natsu tries to hit Zero but fails causing a major wound on Natsu and to be believed that he lost but then Natsu is getting up slowly saying "I'm not alone... I can feel it... everybody's voice... everybody's feeling... it's not only my power...but everybody's feelings are... supporting me and... KEEPING ME STANDING UP NOW!!!! MY COMRADES POWER IS RUNNING THROUGH MY WHOLE BODY!!!! Then he goes back beating up Zero and winning this time. This proves that Natsu has a great amount of determination (thanks to his nakama) and will never lose because his friend support him through thick and thin and showing he
has definitely come of age.
In Hiro Mashimas Fairy Tail, Natsu comes of age through his relationships with his friends. But there is one friend, Lucy Heartfilia, where their relationship is the best during the manga. On chapter 4, page 173, Natsu "visits" without asking Lucy and when she finds him eating and sitting on her couch she yells "Don't you know that there are certain rules of politeness even among friends?!! What you did is called breaking and entering!!! That's a crime!!! This is time to show you moral deficiencies!! Then Natsu says "Hey! Words like that can hurt." That shows Lucy doesn't like Natsu coming into her house, and is uncomfortable about that.
More into the manga, Natsu keeps visiting her without her consent making Lucy so comfortable with that she even looks forward to seeing him in her house. Their relationship ends up being so strong, that fans of the manga even consider them to be a "canon" couple.
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