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Google Ads

No description

Sherina Guimmond

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Google Ads

Google's large source of Revenue
Google Ads
Ad Process
Budgeting Options
Analyze Cost-Per-Acquisition
Managed Placement
Exclusion Tool
Remarketing & Lists
Conversion Optimizer
Display Campaign Optimizer
Payment Process
Display Ads with AdSense for Content: 68% revenue
AdSense for search: 51% of revenue
5 Types of Google Ads:
2. Mobile Ads
1. Ads next to Google results
3. Show Up Across Web Ads
4. Image and Video Ads
5. YouTube Ads
Create ads for free using Google AdWords
Contextual Targeting: Choose relevant keywords
Geo-targeting: Display ads in certain states/cities
Audience visits site
Conversion tracking: track how many saw the ad
"For example, if Google’s auction of ad inventory on your site generates $100, with our 68% revenue share you'd receive $68 through AdSense. Another ad network might offer an 80% revenue share, but only collect $50 from advertisers, so you'd receive $40."
Revenue for Google
According to Google's income statement, about 70% of its advertising revenues come from AdWords, the rest from AdSense.
96% of Google's revenue comes from advertising (2012)
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