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Diamond D Auto Sales

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Diamond D Auto Sales

• Direct Dealing
• Diversified Business – good selection and price
• Clean, organized environment
• Relaxed, down-home feel
• Experienced sales staff
• Strong community supporter (well-known in community)

• Used car stereotype
• Need to establish positive personality
• Need to be better known (BEFORE buyers are in the market)
• Awareness of financing/leasing options


• Competition’s aggressive marketing
• Complacency. Business is good – no need to advertise.
• Out-of-town dealerships and online sales (Kijiji, PortageOnline etc.)
• Economy downturn


• Grow Market Share
• Promote shopping local
• Focus on Direct Dealing – how you sell
• Promote Financing and Leasing options
• Reach MORE people MORE frequently

Market Research
• Stats Canada shows that on average every household spends $10,160/year on Private Transportation costs (Lease, payments, etc.).

• Census Division #9 includes Portage la Prairie and RM (Dakota Tipi, Long Plain and St. Claude) and has approximately 8,455 households


X $10,160
At just
Total Marketshare (8,455 households) of
private transportation costs

$85.9 Million/year
$7.16 Million/month
$1.6 Million/week

• Stats Canada shows that approx. 58,000 used vehicles are registered every month in Manitoba.

• Population of Manitoba is 1.282 Million. Population of Portage & RM is approx. 25,640 or 2% of total.

More Research

• Average number of used vehicles registered monthly in Portage & RM is approx. 1,160 (2% of 58,000).

• Average used vehicle price $15,000

x $15,000

Total Marketshare of used vehicles sold in Portage la Prairie & RM at average vehicle price of

= 13,920/year -
$208.8 Million

= 1,160/month -
$17.4 Million
= 268/week –
$4.0 Million
= 38/day -

Are you getting your share?
How Do We Increase
Your Share of the Market?

MIX96, COUNTRY93 & CFRY can help you reach these customers!


• Increased Marketshare = Increased profits for you
• Top-of-mind Awareness (be known BEFORE you’re needed)
• Emphasize message of DIRECT dealing
• Promote benefits of Leasing
• Reinforce WHY people should buy from Diamond D.

Marketing Strategy
Advertising Plan
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