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Male vs. Female Brain

No description

Marko Ritachka

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Male vs. Female Brain

The Theory
When a male hears the word "competition" and thinks he is in competition with a female, his brain will make him more competitive than the female.
Expected the males to become competitive and do all of the tasks
We expected the females to sit and read the list but ignore the tasks when they saw they only had to sign their names
Awesome Vid
"Crazy" Results
In our finding of the 20 test subjects only one girl completed the instructions correctly
Our Assumption

Females at Trinity High are very "manly"...

...Not sure what that says about the boys
The Experiment
Create a list of tasks for male and female subjects to complete
In the instructions, state to read them all before completing
At the end make the last instruction a disregard all and sign your name
Male vs. Female Brain
Why this blew our minds
4 boys completed the instructions correctly
And if you did the math, that is an astounding 15 people who did not AND most of them were females
Our List
1. Hula hoop for 15 seconds
2. Pour cereal into bowl and then back into the box
3. Spin in a circle 5 times
4. Sit on the ground for 10 seconds
5. Do 10 jumping jacks
6. Put on the blush
7. Put on the shirt
8. Say your name 8 times
9. Fold a blank piece of paper twice
10. Draw a picture on the folded piece of paper
11. Take a selfie
12. Do the disco dance
13. Sing a line from your favorite song
14. Write a sentence using the word male/female
15. Repeat number 1
16. Disregard all previous instructions and sign your name at the bottom
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