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The Ways We Lie

No description

eman washaha

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The Ways We Lie

The Ways We Lie
What is a lie?
"A false statement or action especially made with the intent to deceive"
Why We Lie?
Why do we think small lies aren't harmful at all

The White Lie
A lie that we tell others because we believe the truth will cause more damage than the original lie.
Acting, dressing, behaving differently so others can see us differently. A great way to change who we are to conform to others
Ignoring the plain facts
Completely ignoring or refusing facts because we can't handle nor want to believe the truth

Telling most of the truth in an argument, BUT you decide to keep one or two KEY details that changed the story completely
Stereotypes and Cliche's
Stereotypes helps explain certain situations with just enough truth and reality to seem unquestionable
Group think
Purposely working in a group and ignoring facts, memory, omissions, details, and denial of evidence
To completely refute a comment by dismissing facts, feelings, and perceptions.
Revealing everything about yourself in hopes of hiding the truth and abusing the liar/accuser


To completely lie to yourself and completely deny facts by using excuses
Stephanie Ericsson is screenwriter and advertising copywriter born and raised in San Francisco. Ericsson, just like anyone else, lies all throughout the day. In "The Ways we lie" Ericsson talks about different lies we say and the types of lies we use everyday.
The Ways We Lie
By Stephanie Ericsson
Rhetorical Devices
Stephanie Erickson uses many devices such as:
Pathos & Ethos

Discussion questions
How do you feel when someone
lies to you and you know they are
lying, now compare that to when you
lie to someone and they are not aware
that you are lying.
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