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Social Studies 11: How Can Citizens Influence Government?

By Annes Kim Socials 11 Ms. Ryall October 22, 2012

Annes Kim

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Studies 11: How Can Citizens Influence Government?

NGO's Joining a political Party Elections & Election Campaigns Media Pressure Groups/Special Interest Groups Civil Disobedience (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr How Can Citizens Influence Government? Civil disobedience is an act of intentionally breaking or refusing to keep, laws one considers unjust. People who choose to use civil disobedience to influence the government should be very prepared to meet penalties for their consequences. Although it influences the government in it's own way by showing the government what they're doing might be unethical or undemocratic. Blocking logging roads: Protesting by organizing groups to block workers and roads. Occupy Vancouver: Non violent movement for social, economical and political change Causes: Wealth inequality, plutocracy, corporate influence of government. television newspapers radio magazines Chief methods of communicating ideas and information in our society. Issues that receive large amounts of media coverage often get more attention from the government! Facebook Twitter Journalists are free to criticize government actions, or to question the decisions made by elected representatives and officials They also cover public opinion polls, which gives the government feedback. Worldwide population constantly on Facebook or Twitter! Underage voters can also share their opinions on politics and elections! Pressure groups and interest groups are groups who seek to influence the government. Created by people who share similar viewpoints and want change or the government to promote their common interest. Contribute in making a change. More voices= More likely to change Media interest Reports National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC): Working on issues such as poverty, racism, same-sex rights and violence against women People sometimes march in silence until cameras appear and then shout slogans and their message Examples In 1993- acts of civil disobedience were present near Clayoquot sound, British Columbia. When protesting, boycotting and other kinds of civil disobedience are acknowledged by the government, the government may want to change in order to suppress the outburst. These actions addressed by the citizens bring attention to areas in need of government involvement. If you are a Canadian Citizen over the age of 18, you are eligible to take part in elections. Casting a ballot allows an individual to vote for a representative that they support. By voting you are contributing and trying to influence the government by choosing the 'right' representative for you! Lots of money, time and help are needed during these campaigns and this is the time for volunteers and get involved to make sure that the candidate you support has all the help he or she can get. By doing this you are contributing to influence the government. To join a political party, you must be over 18 years of age. Opportunities to elect your leader to represent your party at ridings and campaigns. Those who join will have the power to create chances to make a difference, and improve the quality of life. While in a political party you can influence the government with your groups' ideas and goals. Also you will be capable of expressing your thoughts and opinions that matter to you. Examples: Media is everything that provides information to the general public. This is an easy way for the public to understand government actions and follow up on the latest news. Media plays an important role in influencing the government by letting the government know the public's attitude towards their actions and helps them get feedback on what people think about its policies. Media can be an advantage to both the government and the public. While the citizens use it as a way of communicating with the government, the government uses it by promoting their party leaders. This can also help with elections and election campaigns. Media is connected to everything... and when something is on t.v, Facebook or Twitter it creates an instant connection to the world. Elections and Election Campaigns Pressure Groups/ Interest Groups NGO's Joining a Political Party Civil disobedience Two types: Institutionalized Pressure Group: Well established and a formal organization. They are often lobbyists. Issue-Oriented: Less permanent and more likely to disband after accomplishment. Limited aim. Examples... Greenpeace: Enviroment Examples... Establishing Parks or reserves Relocating airports or industries To win over the public, the representatives or the leader of a political party will participate in campaigns. Election campaigns creates a time for the candidate to try and persuade the majority to receive the most number of votes. Media Elections and Election Campaigns Joining a Political Party Media Media NGO's Pressure Groups/ Interest Groups Non profit organizations that work to improve lifestyles of many people. Many people who want to influence the government are most likely to join the an NGO than a political party. They work worldwide to accomplish their goals while providing services and getting their idea across. They are an organization that join together with other people with the same beliefs and work together to achieve their goals. Examples... Media Pressure Groups/ Interest Groups Joining a Political Party THE END Socials 11
Ms. Ryall
Block C Annes Kim Connections: Civil Disobedience Pressure Groups/ Interest Groups
-Issue-oriented groups Both groups want to bring government attention to an issue to influence them to change. Also they tend to separate after their goal is accomplished. Joining a political party Elections When you are in a political party, you can participate in electing a representative and also by joining a political party you can have a major say in election Media Pressure Groups Pressure groups want to make their viewpoints visible to the world and with media that is possible.
Pressure groups use media to show the public and the government what they're standing up for and that they have issues concerning the government.
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