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Copy of M&Ms

Do Some Colors of M&Ms Melt Faster than Others?

Ashlynn Wilson

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of M&Ms

Do Some Colors of M&Ms Melt
faster than others do? Green Yellow Brown Blue Red Orange Do some Colors Of M&Ms Melt
Faster Than Others ?? Why I chose this topic? I chose this topic because i thought it would be very interesting to know if the different dyes in the colors of M&M candies have any effect in wether it melts any faster than the other colors. Experiment Performed by.... Ashlynn Wilson TNVA Material Needed to perform this experiment •White paper (not Styrofoam) plates •Package of M&M candies, plain (not peanut) •School glue •Access to a microwave oven •Pencil •Jar lid What i will be doing in this experiment: 1)First you will take one Paper Plate
for each color of candy that you will
be testing and place the Jar lid
in the middle of it and trace
it with your pencil. 2)Next you will 5 Candies each for each
color you will be testing. 3)You will put 5 small drops of glue
on each plate . You will put them on
the line you traced equal lengths apart. 4)Place 5 of the same color M&Ms on
each plate with the letter "M" facing downward. 5)Let Glue Dry 6)Take each plate and place in Microwave and heat at same tempature for 20 seconds. 7)After removing Plate Record any activity such as cracks and record them on Paper.Keep Microwaving each plate in 20 second sessions until each color has began to crack and show signs of melting. Record data each time Purpose: M&Ms come in many different colors. The study i will be performing will include Yellow, Green, Red, Brown, Blue and Orange candies. My purpose of this experiment is to see if different color candy coatings/ shells have any effect on wether it melts faster or not. Artificial colors are used to make these very Vibrant and eye catching colors. M&Ms were first made in 1940 by Forrest Mars Sr. He wanted to find a way to sell chocolate with out it melting. Back in that time air conditioners were unheard of.The candy coating is made of sugar and corn syurp and sprayed with a outer coating of color. I have found no facts other than the outer shell cracking when it is over heated, This is with any color. So i am very excited to perform this experiment to find out if a certain color melts faster. Hypothesis: Since i have found no information on what would make a certain artificial food coloring melt faster. I do not know which color will melt faster. Based on my opinion i believe that the lighter colors will melt first because they have less chemicals in them. Number of Cracked Colors yellow Green Red Brown Blue Orange Seconds 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Results Conclusion Resources of melting due to heat. All of the colors were in a range of 40 to 60 seconds except the Brown it lasted 78 seconds before i saw a crack. After doing this expeirment on each of the six colors. Brown was the color to last the longest in the microwave without showing signs In conclusion my guess was wrong. The Plain Brown M&M was the one that lastest the longest in the microwave exposed to heat and the other colored candy shells all melted faster.
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