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The Ultimate Guide to owning a Keeshond

No description

Savannah Mendoza

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of The Ultimate Guide to owning a Keeshond

The Ultimate Guide to owning a Keeshond
Learn About the Breed
History -
Origin: Holland, Arctic/sub-arctic regions
Old uses: watchdogs, companions and later barge dogs
Year AKC recognized the breed: 1930
Breeds related to: Samoyed, Chow Chow, Norwegian Elkhound, Finnish Spitz, and Pomeranians
First, lets see if you've got the right dog..
Coat: long and and harsh hair that's typically black or gray
Body form: muscular and is medium in size
Head shape: Mesocephalic (wedge shaped) - has a broad skull and narrower muzzle
Males are typically 17-19 inches tall and weigh about 45 pounds.
Females typically grow to be 16-18 inches tall and weigh 35 pounds.
Basic Info on a Keeshond
gets along with kids

Life span: 12- 15 years
Mental maturity is reached when they are 15-18 months old and they tend to reach physical maturity when they are 4 or 5 years old.
Basic Care
twice a day
have specific meal times - don't leave food out all the time!
constantly check that your dog's not overweight by feeling bones when you place your hands on their back
brush coat daily (prevents their hair from getting all over your furniture)
brush with the grain then against it
in winter get: Aloe Hydrating Spray and Simple Shed and Static Spray (for shedding)
remove dead undercoat in hot seasons (consider buying Hot Spot Foam)
clip nails every 4-8 weeks
clean ears monthly with Ear Care - don't try to clean further than you can see!
Special Care Suggestions:
exercise regularly
trimming/stripping may be necessary
a very dependent dog (needs people a lot)
keep in cooler climates

Reproduction -
gestation length = 9 weeks/63 days
Offspring per birth: 6-8
Time/Length Estrus cycle: 9 days
breeding issues: skin, immunity, blood, behavioral, hearing/vision, heart may occur (common types)
Cost of Ownership
Purchase - anywhere from $500-1200
Training*- free (if done by yourself), obedience $254-448 (on average)
Food*- $250-350
Medical Care*- $175-200
Housing*- kennel cost: $34.99-99.99 (Target), fencing: $2000
collars- $7-50
grooming- $20-250 (first time) $0-25 (after)
shampoo- $5-50
*= per year, **=as needed
Training tips
don't train for treats & don't praise them for everything they do right (make them work for treats)
teach them basic tricks: sit, stay, come, lie down
be patient as you housebreak them
keep puppy in kennel for first three weeks when you're not with them
don't play with them while you teach them where they pee
wait at least ten minutes for them to do their business
take them out before putting them in a kennel, before and after meals and playing
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