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Managing the chaos

No description

Jakub Wasielak

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of Managing the chaos

Managing the chaos
Jakub Wasielak
One person
One computer
One code
Zero conflicts
Two people
Two computers
Two versions
Dude, you overwrote my code
Ten people
14 computers
41 versions
Git can be simple
or not
Introducing gitflow
With many thanks to
Master + Develop
git branch develop
git push -u origin develop
Feature branches
git checkout -b feature/PROJ-01-payments
git checkout develop
git pull
git checkout -
git merge -
git checkout -b release/v0.1.0 develop
git checkout -b hotfix/PROJ-6 master
git checkout master
git merge hotfix/PROJ-6
git push
Much more on:
The ultimate
Operating systems:
All you need is:
Getting started
Getting serious:
Not finished!
vagrant ssh
vagrant ssh -c "/env/bin/python /vagrant/src/manage.py runserver
vagrant provision
The magic of
The deployment
(and provisioning)
If you do it manually for the second time, it should be the last one
Project structure
or simple:

Let's go!
ansible-playbook -i dev develop.yml
or in term of vagrant
vagrant provision
The output
Let's check, what you've learned
with this little quiz.
1. How should you create feature branches?

A. git checkout -b feature/<feature-name> from master branch

B. git checkout -b feature/<feature-name> from develop branch

C. git checkout -b feature/<feature-name> from any release branch

D. sudo make feature branch
2. How to build our latest changes (for example install new requirement) on vagrant environment?

A. vagrant up

B. vagrant provision

C. vagrant reload

D. try turning it off and on again
3. How do you declare a variable in ansible?

A. what = love

B. what: love

C. what := love

D. what is love
4. How did you like this presentation?

A. I liked it and I would start using gitflow, vagrant and ansible in real life.

B. It was perfect - I would start using gitflow, vagrant and ansible in real life.

C. It was fantastic I would start using gitflow, vagrant and ansible in real life.

D. I was very poor, but nevertheless I would start using gitflow, vagrant and ansible in real life.
Thank you.
git flow feature start PROJ-01-payments
git flow init
git flow release start v0.1.0
git flow hotfix start VERSION
pip, git, PostgreSQL, Django, apt, npm...

Overall 575 official modules.

And a whole galaxy to explore.
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