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Year 9 Food Technology, NSW, Australia. Multicultural Food

Food Technology Unit: Objectives: skills in researching, evaluating and presenting. Students will enhance their understanding, appreciation and acceptance of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Rod Demicoli

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Year 9 Food Technology, NSW, Australia. Multicultural Food

Food Culture In Australia! Tell us a story!
Create a cartoon story using the Comic Life software, of a culture that has a stong influence on the food patterns of Australia. Some might be West Africa, Greece, Spain, Kenya, China, Italy, Germany, India, France, Brazil or Japan! Think of a cultural group. Research some of their cultural foods, habits and festivals that are different to Australian ones. Give example in your story of foods that are now
found within the broaders Australian community. Mark the country that your group came from on a map of the world, include the capital city and two major cities. Write out a typical day’s menu for the people from your chosen country. Select an ingredient that is common to the cultural group you have chosen and design an advertisement for a magazine. What is the staple food from your country? Understanding, appreciating and acceptancing a variety of cultural backgrounds is part of being multicultural. * These are just sugesstions, use your imagination, research in groups of 2 and brain storm. After you research created, organise and create. When your comic is created share it with the class as a video link, on your e-portfolio, using the video function on the Comic Life software. What is your favourite ethnic food? Discuss your findings! what type of food have they choosen to eat here?
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