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Mall Cell Analogy

No description

Andrea Vasquez

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Mall Cell Analogy

By: Andrea Vasquez Mall Cell Analogy The Cell Wall is like the wall of a mall because the wall protects and supports the mall from falling down and from anything getting in it Cell Wall The security guards of the mall is like the Cell Membrane because security guards protect from anything unwanted and destructive from going in the mall exactly like the Cell Membrane. Cell Membrane The endoplasmic reticulum in the mall would most likely be the halls and lanes because people "transport" to other areas through here. Endoplasmic Reticulum For cytoplasm, I put floor because it contains the stores (or arganelles) and helps them stay in place. Cytoplasm A managers office can compare to the mall managers office because it protects and covers the manager (or nucleus) Nuclear Membrane The nucleus compares to the mall manager because he gives out orders and tells the workers what to do! Nucleus The managers computer is like the nucleolus because this computer sends out memos which tell the workers (or ribosomes) what they need to do. Nucleolus For ribosomes, the memo's sent from the mall managers computer best matches because the people receive the memo and do what it tells you Ribosomes The food court is like the mitochondria because that's where shoppers go eat to get their proteins and energy to continue shopping and the mitochondria supplies energy for the cell. Mitochondria Shoppers are like vesicles because they transport what they bought around the mall until they leave just like the vesicles transport substances within the cell. Vesicle Cytoskeleton The pillars of the mall are like the microtubules because they support the mall to stay up and not fall down like how the microtubules support the cell. Microtubules The microfilaments are like the escalators in the mall because they help with movement around the cell. Microfilaments The water fountain in the mall is like the vacuole in the cell because it basically stores water Vacuole The lights in the mall are like the chloroplast because chloroplast uses sunlight to go through photosynthesis! Chloroplast I chose sale papers because the sale papers transport messages throughout the mall, like how the golgi body transports proteins throughout the cell! Golgi Body Lyosome gets rid of old cell parts, foods, and other objects and the garbage cans in the mall get rid of the waste in the mall. Lysosome Hope you enjoyed my slideshow!
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