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Different Types of Clothing for Different Types of Weather

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Eunhae Ki

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Different Types of Clothing for Different Types of Weather

People in different parts of the world
wear different types of clothing...

The weather influences the type of
clothing people wear. Around the World... People wear...
warm garments to keep themselves warm from the cold and harsh weather conditions
clothes: made of animal fur, hide, wool, etc. (i.e. seal skin, caribou skin)
shoes: fur-lined boots, moccasins
Arctic and Northern Countries People wear...
white or light-colored clothing because it reflects the sun's rays
clothing: white and bright-colored clothing are common, loose clothing
shoes: sandals, light footwear
large hats made of straw serve as sunshades Africa and Southern Countries England is a windy country and it rains very often.
So people in England wear...
Raincoats, rain boots
Carry an umbrella
Windbreakers, trench coats and anoraks
England Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. have hot, dry weather and low precipitation. People commonly wear:
long, loose outfits that cover their bodies
lightweight clothing made of thin fabric/material
head scarves (women) and turban (men)
*modest clothing (for religious reasons) Middle East Let's follow the footsteps and
take a tour around the world.

Look closely at what people
wear in each country :) Countries: India, Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia Countries: Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden Canada is located in the northern part of the world. It is generally cold throughout the year, therefore, Canadians wear (depending on region): Canada warm clothing such as heavy coats, parkas, and sweaters
Comfortable clothing like hoodies and sweatpants
Shoes: runners and Ugg boots
Generally, Canadians like to wear practical, comfortable clothing (even in mild weather conditions)
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