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Dove Cameron

No description

brianna bluiett

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Dove Cameron

Dove was born on January 15, 1996. She lived in Washington,Seattle as a little girl. Dove is 5'2". Her middle name is Olivia. Her parents name is Bonnie and Philip. She is blonde and has blue eyes. Dove is 18.
Personal info
Dove Cameron
Dove's is in a tv show called Liv & Maddie and the movie Cloud 9. She has made one music video.
Dove's Carrer
Dove like to hang out with her best friend Veronica. She likes to upcycl to.Dove has personal singing lessons every week.
When Dove has free time
Dove Cameron plays Liv Rooney and
Maddie Rooney in Liv & Maddie. Liv is
a Holly wood star that came home and is a tip of diva. Maddie is a basketball player that is not a dressy tip. They live with two brothers a mom and dad.
Liv & Maddie
Dove Cameron plays Kayla Morgan in Cloud 9. Kayla is a fashion girl but a snowboarder. She got kicked of the snowboarding team so she makes her own team to prove she is good. Her saying is nothings impossible.
Cloud 9
Here is Olivia Holt and Dove.
Here is Rani with Dove.
Here is a video of her when
she has free time. Check it out.
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