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Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3- What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why

Oonagh Turner

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why Due to the distinct lack of budget my group experienced, it would be unlikely that our film could be promoted and distributed by such companies like Working Title films and WARP. A significant lack of exposure would mean that our film couldn't gain a profit, and therefore it is doubtful that any larger institution would be willing to take on the role of distributing our sequence. However, regarding plot and the concepts and ideals we incorperate, it is possible that the story line could interest some larger corperations. Working Title Films Working Title Films are a large British institution that focuses on promoting British films. Set up in 1983 by Tim Bevan and Sarah Radclyffe, it has a large role in creating romantic comedy films that when completed, screen world wide. Films that have been promoted by Working Title Films include 'Love Actually', and 'Bridget Jones'. Reasons as to why they would promote our film - As our film is made by British students, as well as being set in England, Working Title would consider this an advantage and would be more willing to take on our plot to develop further with their budget. Reasons as to why they would not promote our film -The genre of a thriller is not one that Working Title work with. This institution genrally makes romantic comedies, occassionally social realistic films, and sometimes other comedies, such as the 2004 film 'Sean Of The Dead'. - The location of the film would not suit the usual themes to Working Title's other films. Their films tend to be set in upper class London. Our sequence is evidently set in a less well off area, which we would not be willing to change, as one of the points of our sequence is to emphasise how these events can happen to anyone. -Also, Working Title tend to use actors of a certain age, regardless of whether the film is aimed at teenagers or not. The Working Title film Bridget Jones was highly popular with female adolescents, however no teenagers where involved with the cast. WARP WARP institutions was set up in 1999 with funding from NESTA in order to promote British, outlandish films. This institute focuses on social realistic films such as 'This Is England'. It has also been known to promote thriller films too. The institution is not as large as one such as Working Title, and is not known well world wide, it also tends to have a small budget for promoting their films. However, it still often turns out films that are popular among British citizens. Reasons as to why they would promote our film Reasons as to why they would not promote our film -Firstly, the budget that WARP films deal with tends to not be as large as other companies. Consequentially, our sequence could possibly be distributed by this company. -Also, the thriller genre is one that would not be disgarded under WARP influence. The company have often dealt with the thriller genre, therefore it is possible that they would be willing to use our plot and storyline. -Another factor that would potentially interest WARP institutions regarding our film is the fact that our film is set in an everyday town. The 2006 Shane Meadows film 'This is England' promotes the theme of social realism through a honest and frank perception of Britain. This honesty is carried out and continued throughout our entire sequence also, and therefore WARP may desire to distribute our film, as it continues their tone of real life Britain. -Although WARP films have distributed various films with a significantly small budget, and made themselves a cult status, it is possible that our budget is simply on a too small scale for the institute to be interested in. Guerilla Films Guerilla Films Limited was founded in 1995 by filmmaker David Nicholas Wilkinson. Since 1999, guerilla films decided to concentrate solely on distributing British & Irish films within the UK & Ireland. This institution distributes any films, regardless of genre, and is especially keen if the film is set in Britain or Ireland. Reasons as to why they would not promote our film Reasons as to why they would promote our film -The institution is willing to take on any film, regardless of genre. This is an issue that was felt with the major distributors, such as Working Title Films, and WARP. -Our sequence is set in and based upon true stories that occured in London, England. The fact that the sequence is from British produce would make the institution especially keen. -Although the corperation specifies that they are willing to distribute for producers that may have an extremely low budget, potentially the budget for 'Whitton Dene Films' is still too low. Underground Film Another method that could be used to distribute our film would be the internet. This method is a lot cheaper and can achieve popularity quickly through word of mouth. The internet is also a cheap way to market our film and get more people attending the viewings. An example is http://www.undergroundfilm.com/ who concentrates on independent film distribution through the internet. They intend to “create a digital film library with the widest breadth of content possible and broaden exposure by making hard-to-find works available through Internet distribution.
Warner Bros Warner Bros. Entertainment is an American producer of film and television entertainment. Founded in the early 20th century, the institution releases many films, that screen all over the world regardless of genre. As well as films, the company issue televisions programs, such as Looney Tunes and Scooby Do. Warner brothers are usually associated with films for children, such as 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory', and 'Harry Potter', however it has also been known to focus on films for adults, such as it's recent screening of 'Valentines Day'. Reasons as to why they would promote our film. -Warner Bros. ensure that they promote any film regardless of genre, therefore even though our sequence is based on the thriller genre, the institution would still be interested concerning the plot. Although the company usually doesn't deal with thrillers, it has before, such as the film 'Batman', and therefore the genre would not be an issue. -As well as this, the company would
be willing to work with our film due
due to the fact that it is set in Britain. Unlike other American film institutions, this would not be an issue, demonstrated by the film 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory', and 'Harry Potter'. Reasons as to why they would not promote our film -The company tends to focus more on genres such as comedy and romantic, rather than those that promote a social realism story line set in suburban London. -The budget our group are working with is evidently too small for an institution as large as Warner Brothers. The company deals with millions of pounds and dollars in order to distribute a film correctly. A Camtasia production discussing what institutions would be willing to distribute our sequence.
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