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Dr. Erica Tanner

No description

Erica Tanner

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Dr. Erica Tanner

Dr. Erica Tanner
I am usually the one taking the pictures, so there are very few pictures of me in my photo gallery. This is the best I could do!
Me and my husband, Lance, at my surprise 40th birthday party!
My Children
Rainey (16) & Ridge (12)
Rainey is very artistic. When she was 11 she played Annie in a local production and she sang the national anthem at a Mobile, Baybear's baseball game. At 12 she played Sebastian in The Little Mermaid and Wendy in Peter Pan. At 13 she played the cat in Honk (The story of the ugly duckling). At 14 she played Alice in Alice in Wonderland and Rafiki in The Lion King. Most recently she played Ariel in a regional production of The Little Mermaid. She just turned 16 and we can't wait to see her next transformation. Yes, that is her real hair as Annie. It took a trip to the salon to turn it red, and lots of practice to get the curls just right!
Ridge is very athletic. He plays golf, basketball, football and baseball. He loves to fish, and he just earned his black belt in Tae Kwando. He also likes to ham it up on stage, like his sister, on occasion. His most recent appearance was as Colonel Hathi in The Jungle Book Jr.
As you can see, work and my kids keep me quite busy. When I do have time to myself I like to read, run and play tennis!
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