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Kenora Recreation Centre

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 22 November 2017

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Transcript of Kenora Recreation Centre

Educate / inform NW Ontario about KRC programs & services
Promote a culture of health & wellness in the community
Project a positive and consistent image of the KRC

Who We Are...
The biggest reach of any station in NWO.

The largest and best newsroom in the region.

Creative team with over 60 years of experience.
Over 65,000 users per month.

4 million page views per year.

The preferred source of online news/info in NWO.
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Who We Are...
30 x 30 sec ads per month @ $29 / spot
30 x 30 sec ads per month @ no charge

Leader #3 on News Page (1 of 5 rotations) @ $11.50 / day
Leader #2 on Features package (1 of 4 rotations) @ no charge

Average of 60 x 30 second ads per month

Approx. 75,000 impressions per month
(Total Monthly Value: $2,625)
Total Investment
$1,220 / month
Connect directly with the community through your own personalized notification channel
Average household expenditures (Stats Canada)

Use of recreation facilities: (incl. children's camps, dues and fees)

That's $4,328,000 per year
$360,000 per month
$11,857 per day!
$541 per household (annually)
Send push notifications directly to subscribers
Keep the community informed
React quickly when schedules change
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Impact
Thousands of daily users
(No charge, value $2,000 / year)
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