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The Game of Life!

No description

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of The Game of Life!

The Game of Life!
Bill #1 - Housing
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment:
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment:
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment:

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment:
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment:
2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment:
Bill #2: Utilities
Electricity: $65
Rules of the Game:
1 Volunteer: Who's good at math?

8 Groups:
Each group has an envelope, this is your single (1 person) identity for the game
Think of a name for your person
Contains monthly earnings

Paying the bills!
Everyone must pay, NO exceptions
No borrowing, credit cards, food stamps, loans, or stealing
Bill #6 - Communication
Bill #3 - Transportation
Car Payments:

Modest car - $150

Moderate car - $250

Nice car - $350
Bill #4 - Gas
Bill #5 - Car Insurance
Bill #11 - Health Insurance
Smartphone - $130
Bills #7 & #8 - Internet & Cable
High Speed Wireless Internet
- $45

pgraded Internet (faster)
- $60

Local Cable TV
- $35

Digital Cable TV (100+ channels)
- $85
Bill #10 - Groceries
Water: $30
Cell phone - $40
How much do you have left?

What expenses didn't we consider?

Looking back, do you wish you had done anything differently?

What surprised you?

What trends do you see?

What does this make you think of college or your personal goals for after high school?
Thank You!
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