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Scribus: Basic Techniques and All-About the Open Source Program

Esteban Sotomayor's tutorial on the basic of the open-source desktop-publishing software called Scribus.

Alexis Esteban

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Scribus: Basic Techniques and All-About the Open Source Program

Scribus Tutorial By Esteban Sotomayor - a desktop publishing application, similar
to Microsoft Word. Allowers users to create brochures, calendars, magazine covers, book pages, and a variety of other items. Technology Class - Ryden The Basics Backgrounds History of Scribus About Scribus What can I make with Scribus? In order to insert text, you must first make a text box.
The same goes for images
The most important tool in Scribus is "properties"
Properties can be found through the top bar and/or hitting "F2"
Properties cotrol sizes and resolutions of images
Also, properties control the size, color, and font of text material The following is how you insert text boxes, text, shapes, and tables Scribus was created on June 26, 2003 by GNU General Public License as a DTP application for computers. It can be utilized in multiple languages. Along with being used for print publications, Scribus can be used to make animated and PDF format presentations. With Scribus, people can make brochures, small magazines, newspapers, calendars, small books, presentations, newsletters, posters, and flyers. The possibilties are endless. In Scribus, it is important to use backgrounds in order to create color and effects
Important for making flyers/magazines
Shows your knowledge of the technology
Looks aesthetically pleasing and appealing
Allows for creativity and connection to other text and other images This is how you insert an image This is how you insert a text backround with an image. First, you must make sure that the "image box" that you insert before the actual image is bigger. Then, utilize the "Properties" tool in order to size the image appropriately for the text backround to fit. This is how you insert a color backround for an image. This is great because it is custom and allows you to do it yourself. Scribus was created under a GNU General Publishing License as a DTP application. The developers are "The Scribus Team" and it can be used for Windows, Mac OS, and a variety of other computers. If you want to know and learn more about Scribus, visit their website at www.scribus.net. http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scribus http://www.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus Here are some screenshots of Scribus and the Scribus Wikipedia Page.
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