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Organizational Development and Change

No description

Pene Goden

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Organizational Development and Change

Organizational Change
- a modification or transformation of the organization's structure or goods
- a process in which an organization optimizes performance as it works toward its ideal state
Factors of Change
2. Revolutionary or Unplanned Change
- happens when the current operation method can no longer fulfill the demand and a significant change has to be made.

Types of Unplanned Change
Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis

Driving Force - pushing of the organization to a new direction

Restraining Force - preventing the organization from changing

Planning for Change
Types of Change
1. Evolutionary or Planned Change
- a change resulting from a deliberate decision to alter the organization

Types of Planned Change:

Socio-Technical System
Total Quality Management
Management by Objectives

Organization Development and Change
1. Internal Factor

Change in top management
Change in the size of organization
Employees' needs and values
Deficiency in existing organization

2. External Factor

Business Scenario
Environmental and National Factors

Resistance to Change
1. Individual Resistance
Economic Reason
Fear of Loss
Peer Pressure
Social Displacement

2. Organizational Resistance
Lack of clear communication
Lack of sufficient resources
Managing Resistance to Change
Education and Communication
Empathy and support
Team Building as an integral OD strategy
Team Building is an OD strategy that is often used in organizations to make work groups more cohesive, committed, satisfied and productive.
Organizational Development
OD Process
Team Building Strategies
1. Get to know the team
2. Define the team's purpose
3. Clarify roles
4. Establish norms
5. Draw up a game plan
6. Encourage questions
7. Share the limelight
8. Be participatory
9. Celebrate Accomplishment
9. Assess team effectiveness
- a field of study that addresses change and how it affects organizations and the individuals within the organization

- assists organization in coping with turbulent environment, both internally and externally
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