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Hotels & Resorts


Alex Font Martí

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts
10. Swissotel The Bosphorus
2. Baros Resort

In Maldives, Male.
7 different villas.
Snorkel, wind-surf & isle dining.
6. Bellagio
In Las Vegas, Nevada.
3950 rooms (including suites).
Fountain desplay & casino.
7. Capella Pedregal
In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Enormous suites.
Seaside grille & wedding.
Basic pool

Deluxe pools
Rooms & suites
Valleys & suites
Island dining

Water Villa
Deluxe Villa
Deluxe Villa

Pool Villa

Baros Villa
Isle Dining
Water Villa
Deluxe Villa
Pool Villa
Baros Villa
Baros Residence
In Istanbul, Turkey.
497 rooms & 63 suites.
Spa, massage & water cycling.
9. Oberoi Bangalore
In Bangalore, India.
6 different suites.
Meeting rooms and cruises.
5. Pearl Beach Resort
In Bora Bora, Polinesia
Different bungalows and suites.
Helicopter & aquasafari.
3. Diamonds Star of the East
In Zanzibar, Tanzania.
One & two-bed villas.
Fact sheet, spa & massage.
4. Monte Carlo Bay
In Monte Carlo, Monaco.
All rooms with balcony.
Casino & spa.
8. Samabe
In Bali, Indonesia.
Villas & suites.
Spa & pearl chapel.
Compare Room
Royal Residence
Penthouse Villa
Ocean Pool Villa
Sea Suite
Sea Room

Balcony Suite
Presidental Suite
Sea Bungalow
Premium Suite
One-bed Room
One-bed Suite
Two-bed Room
1. Burj Al Arab
In Dubai, UAE
7-star hotel.
202 duplex suites.
Water sports & turtle show.
I hope you've enjoyed it!
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