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introduction -traveller 6

No description

haifa Al Otaibi

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of introduction -traveller 6

introduction-by Haifa Al Otaibi
Unit 1: Education
Unit 2 : Communication

* talk about issues relating to success , work and finances
* learn how to use appropriate tenses to talk about present time and link past time to present
*learn how to express ability and inability
* learn how to make different forms of comparison
*learn how to refer to possibilities and imaginary or unreal situations and their results
*expand your vocabulary by learning words /phrases relating to money , compound words starting with back ,distinguishing among words with multiple meanings ,distinguishing words easily confused ,etc..
learn how to write an informal letter and an expository essay
* acquire skills and strategies that will help you in exams

traveller 6
In this module you will....
*talk about travel, holidays and different aspects of culture
*learn how to use appropriate tenses to talk about past events and situations
*learn how to define people,places,things and ideas,and give additional information about them
* expand your vocabulary by learning prepositional phrases,verbs describing movement and sight,idioms related to feeling /attitudes,etc..
learn how to write descriptive articles and semi formal letters
*acquire skills and strategies that will help you in exams
Unit : 8 Culture
* talk about education and various ways of communicating and conveying messages
* learn how to emphasize an action rather than the door of the action using the Passive Voice
* express purpose , result and contrast using appropriate clauses
* learn how to use the causative form
* expand your vocabulary by learning words easily confused , phrasal verbs , idioms , compound nouns and prepositional phrases
* learn how to write an informal letter describing an event and an essay expressing your opinion
* acquire skills and strategies that will help you in exam .

Unit :5 Success
Unit : 6 Work and Money
Module 1
Get the massage
in this module you will:
In this module you will

Module 2
Body and Minds
Unit :4 The Body
Unit :3 the mind
*talk about psychology, fitness , health and well being
* learn how to report statements,questions , commands and requests
* learn how to make wishes and express regret
*learn how to use inversion for emphasis
*expand your vocabulary by learning adjectives+prepositions , expressions with come , get and put ,words easily confused,phrasal verbs,idioms and collocations
*learn how to write a letter of application and report
*acquire skills and strategies that will help you in exams
Module 3
Getting Ahead
In this module you will......
Module 4
Around the Globe
Unit : 7 Travel
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