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Kick Ass

No description

osama hassany

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Kick Ass

The Magic Flight

Stages 1-4
The Call To Adventure

It is the journey Back home, usually includes a chase seen or obstacles
Scene where Kick-Ass and Hit Girl fly home After killing Frank D'Amico


Atonement with the Father
The Ultimate Boon
Refusal of the Return
Thanks for Watching
The Return
Of Two
To Live
The Hero is Rescued from an outside source
Scene where Kick-Ass and Big Daddy are saved by Hit-Girl
The Hero has to pass another Threshold to Return to his life
Big Daddy and Hit Girl were inspired by Kick-ass to become "heroes" themselves.
They become Kick-ass's fatherly figure as a result of their greater confidence, ambition, and skill.
Stage is manipulated
Does not Exist in the Movie as Dave has the freedom to switch between the lives with no obstacles
After finishing the journey the Hero Can transition between the two lives with no trials
No Specific Scene
After finishing their adventure the Hero decides how they will spend their life
Kick-ass acknowledges his main goal.
He finally recognizes his main villian.
His confidence is finally at the same level as Hit Girl.
Stage isn't manipulated.
The hero receives a call to leave his or her normal life
Refusal Of The Call
Often the hero will initially reject the call to adventure due to the changes it would cause in his or her life
Supernatural Aid
A mentor will present the hero withone or more talismans or artifacts that will help them later in their quest
The Crossing Of The First Threshold
The hero leaves the familiar behind and enters the unknown
-When he was mugged by the two gang members, he thought that enough was enough, and set out to become a ‘superhero’

-It is during this scene that Dave realizes that he has to take matters into his own hands if he was to protect himself and those around him.

- In this scene, Dave deems himself as being an unworthy superhero.
- ‘Kick-Ass’ accidentally tripped up a man that was being chased.
- After seeing him getting attacked by, he saw it as an opportunity to prove himself worthy of being a superhero.
Kick-ass and Hit Girl finally defeat Frank D'Amico.
Lots of the suspense revealed in this stage.
Stage isn't manipulated
Stage is completely manipulated - the exact opposite occurs in the movie.
Dave favoured his normal life rather than his second world life.
Stages 5-8
The Belly of the Whale
The hero willingly decides to cross into the point of no return and finds himself alone in the darkness
The Road of Trials
The Meeting with the Goddess
A series of tests or ordeals the hero must go through to begin the transformation
The hero finds his true love and companion
The hero is tempted to stray away from his quest by an offer of personal gain
- Dave goes to meet Rasul (the drug dealer)
- Dave meets Hit-Girl and Big-Daddy
- Stage is manipulated --> Dave crosses the point of no return and is left in darkness by the actions of others
- Some of Dave's many trials:
- Stage is manipulated --> Daves whole Journey is full of trials and ordeals
- Katie is the Goddess
- Stage is manipulated --> Dave and Katie's friendship turns into a relationship
- Katie is the temptress
- Stage is manipulated --> Katie tries convincing Dave out of concern, not an evil plot
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