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First Day of School!!

No description

Noelle Carstens

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of First Day of School!!

Classroom Supplies
Texbook Use/Checkout
Welcome to Miss Carstens Classroom!
Job Orientation
School is equivalent to "your
This classroom is your
Miss Carstens=
All employees are scheduled to
Monday- Friday
time includes weekends, holidays & summer break--see school calendar :)
Not a bad deal--considering many employees in today's workforce get only a two-week annual vacation.
Passing periods are short
between assignments (classes).
Employees work up to 7 different
in one day.
In this 'office' the work
is 45 minutes.
The grade received in this class is the equivalent to the employees
, this
is directly tied to work effort and productivity.
As in a "real" job, employees may get docked if they do not work the entire shift, or are absent. This implies that employees must be
the entire shift.

Student Folder Purpose
Employees (students) should file graded work handed back.
Includes: ALL Tests, Quizzes, Assignments, etc.
Employees (students) can use as place to keep handouts and assignment sheets.
Eliminating excuse of "I lost it" :)
Record for hard copy of grade book
Will pull from for Student-Led Conferences

Employees (students) who do not pull their folder will automatically make a $10 Materials/Supplies payment for the day. Your folder is your time card!!
Daily Business Agenda
Curious about what we will be doing for the day??

Please see white board for:
Daily Objective/ Learning Target
Daily Assignment
Cell Phone/ Ipod/ Music Player Use
Cell Phones:
Cell phones need to be placed in
Cell Phone Basket
when enter room, or left in locker.
If you choose to not place cell phone in basket and use it, it will be kept for the
rest of the day
Payment will also be made by student in Transaction Register.

Welcome to listen when given time to work!
Each period, do not put in headphones until ask, or Carstens gives class permission.
Don't assume will be able to use each day.
MUST place device on desk where visible if want to use!!
If asked to turn off, please do so immediately.
If becomes an issue, use can be revoked at any time.
Business Smarts Activity
This is an entry task! Posted daily at beginning of shift (class).
Once grab Student Folder, need to begin immediately!
Could be an individual or partner activity.
Could be asked to hand write, type, use internet, etc.
Be prepared with paper and pen/pencil daily!
Timer will start once bell rings and will have that long to work on Business Smarts Activity. Usually 5-10 minutes.
Be prepared to turn in, or keep task to turn in at later date.

Briefing: Once time is up, will either discuss activity and/or move on to daily objective/ assignment agenda.
Colored Pencils
Index Cards
Hole Punch
Turn in boxes
Textbook Check-out
Academic Appointments
Located In Supply Drawers/Cupboard
Black and White Printer
Welcome to print any time!
NOTE: Educational printing only!!!
Need to ask for permission if document is over 10 pages.
Most textbooks for courses are classroom sets, unless notified otherwise.
Welcome to checkout a book at any time!
Use clipboard
List name, course, book number, check out date, check in date.
Please return book no later than 1 day following check out!
Turning in Assignments
Inbox located next to whiteboard
Place completed assignments in appropriate period box.

ALL Assignments Typed or Written need to include a Proper Heading:
Assignment Name

ALL Typed Assignments should be saved using the following title:
Name of Assignment_First&LastName
Behavior-Performance Expectations
Computer Use Guidelines
Computer and Internet are to be used for educational purposes only! Computer & Internet use is a privilege not a right, improper use will lead to immediate disciplinary action and loss of privileges.

Chromebooks are not to be grabbed unless ask for permission, or told to get one.
Chromebooks MUST be plugged in after each use. Failure to put away properly will take away privilege of using them!

It is important to be on task when using the computers.
Level 1: Warning
Level 2: Loss of computer/ internet privileges in class for rest of day
Level 3: Loss of computer/ internet privileges in class for 1 week & possible referral
Improper use of the Computer/ Internet will lead to immediate disciplinary action and loss of Computer/ Internet privileges.
End of Shift (Class)
Clean work stations
Put back Chromebooks & PLUG IN!
Put folders in crate/ give to weekly Manager
Class will be dismissed after work stations are clean and every one is seated!
The bell does not dismiss, Miss Carstens does!
Attentive Attitude
Respectful--to self and others
Engaged--bell to bell
Effort--quality in work and behavior
Responsible--on time to class, with assignments & materials

Safety--of self and others
K"no"w--food or drink
Internet/ Computer--used properly
Language--appropriate for all
Learning Environment--all actions seen and heard
School Handbook--rules and guidelines followed

Career Skills: Prepare for your future NOW!!
You are never to log in as anyone other than yourself.
Typing games are the only approved games. :)
Finish Early??
Work on missing assignments, other homework, or read a book quietly.
Transaction Registers
To reinforce classroom behavior and expectations, payments and deposits will be made by students based on the ability to meet the CAREER SKILLS. Transaction Registers will be located in Student Folders/ Time Cards. Positive money can be used to purchase items in class auctions!
Deposits (Credits +):
Initial Loan $50
Bi- Weekly Payday $20
Independence and Initiative Shown $10-$20
Work Completion and Work Habits: No late or missing assignments $20
On Task: Individuals working hard $10-$20
Good Citizenship: Helping others in/out of class $10-$20
Cooperation and Participation $10-$20
Perfect Attendance $30
Perfect Score on Tests/Projects $40
Payments (Debits -):
Restroom/ Water/ Locker Break Fee $5
Materials/ Supplies Fee $10
Phone Fee $10
Cleaning Fee (leave room messy: chairs, garbage) $10-$20
Improper Use of Computer/ Internet Fee $10-$20
Food/ Drink at Computer Station Fee $10
Off Task Fee $10-$20
Non-Cooperation and Participation Fee $10-$20
Loan Repayment $50
Positive money earned can be used to purchase items in a classroom auction!!

Auctions will take place at teacher discretion.
Check registers will be turned in each auction day to be checked for accuracy.
Located at Front of Room
Lined Notebook Paper
Plain Colored Paper
Need to Leave the Room?
1. Fill out student folder.
2. Ask Miss Carstens to sign off.
3. Write name and location going on white board.
4. When return erase name and location written.
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