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No description

WooHyun Kim

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of CEMEX

PROCESS 5. SUMMATION SWOT 6. RECOMMENDATIONS CHINA INDIA MIDDLE EAST BRAZIL IT Infrastructures 100 million-tons capacity Market of HOW DOES OUTPERFORM CEMEX ? METHODS of Selection Higher Demand Growth Rates
Company Share
Market Share EXPANSION PROCESS IT intensitiy Satellites
Highly Integrated Information System "Please feel free to ask
any questions!" H High IT involvement KAZAKHSTAN "2nd Home Base Market" STRATEGY STRATEGY "ENTRANCE to CENTRAL ASIA" GDP growth rate Potential Emerging Market 5~7%
(1990-1998) 14%
(1999) first-mover advantage center of CENTRAL ASIA Pact with Domestic Builders
IT Infrastructure Installation Project Homebase Duo Mexico & India
expasion of Capital & Financial home resources
homebase for Global Expasion in Asia Forerunner of IT establishment of IT headquarter
from "Efficiency" to "Precision" on Acquisition strategy 2007100510 Dong-Joon Shin
2007100574 Sung-Pyo Hong
2007100575 Se-Jin Hong
2007100566 Jae-Min Choi
2007100472 Woo-Hyun Kim
2011008145` Jason A. Schmitt LORENZO ZAMBRANO CEO
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