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DOU Strategic Planning 2013 - Planning and Building Services - Final

Council presentation for Strategic Planning

Patricia Abdulla

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of DOU Strategic Planning 2013 - Planning and Building Services - Final

(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr What is Strategic Planning?
..lets start with answering the following three questions.... Who do we do it for? what have we learned?
Wikipedia Strategic Planning 2013 Planning and Building Services
... a desktop exercise... completed the Official Community Plan and Transportation Plan
began structural review of the Zoning Bylaw
began MDA and CD zoned area compilations
began review of the DCC bylaw
began internal review of downtown core area, business plans and future Village Square Plan
finalized and received adoption of Cemetery Concept Plan
Hired a Planning Assistant
completed overseeing Small Craft Harbour Pathway and Heritage walk
instituted Development review meetings, formalized DPP, RZ application guidelines, filing procedures and check sheets Strategic Plan 2011 began a Harbour Business Study and Business Plan
Instituted Heritage Day and identify sites of historical and cultural significance
Instituted Board of Variance
Instituted AHC and set achievable timelines for Bay Street Project
continued with background research towards the DCC Bylaw
began review of BofV bylaw
completed Signage programme to implementation stage
completed webpage and portal page programme to tender stage
pursued provision of additional parking in the core - purchased lot
began to work towards setting environmental standards and future bylaws
pursued public access points/parkettes and view corridors to harbour and beaches - surveys on Norah, Terrace Beach lot, and initial joint meeting for Little Beach
began collaborative working sessions with the RCMP towards inst joint enforcement/management approach to bylaw compliance
continue to develop and educate public on BP processes Strategic Plan 2012 So here we are.....planning for 2013
what do we need to consider?
Where do we start? ....nice definition....
but what does that mean.....?!
1."What do we do?"

2."For whom do we do it?"

3."How do we excel?" DEN (Digital Entertainment Network)

Strategic initiative to integrate social and mobile assets

A year in development

Launched in March 2012 with considerable
media attention

First of its kind within the professional sports industry

Reaches 2.5 million Bruins fans Professional ice hockey team

Won the Stanley Cup in 2011

Social media launched in August 2008

Facebook - 1.2 million fans

Twitter - 218,000 followers

Strong presence for a sports teams Recognised fan engagement is the key to social media success

Enhanced their online business model

Preferred method to encourage online traffic to their official website The Boston Bruins Boston Bruins DEN The Influence of DEN What do we do? DO follow the KISS principle: Keep it Simple and Significant. Less is more

DO stay focused on the Mission and don't drift off course

DO provide support, guidance, resources - identify team members who can execute the goal

DO re-evaluate in the process and be 'real'; manage the plan with 'facts' not personal interest DO's DON’T begin your project before you are clear on the objectives

DON'T be afraid to re-evaluate along the way

DON'T forget your resources and team contribution - use that team!

DON'T intimidate, place blame or get off track by setbacks

DON'T set yourself up for failure - limit your goals to those you can achieve

DON'T commit if you cannot execute! DON'T's Provide professional and technical advice on:
current and future uses of land
issues concerning housing, environment, culture and heritage preservation, transportation, tourism, harbour and managed water uses
socio-economic policies
Provide leadership and expertise to committees and staff project teams
Provide solid legal and zoning advice in consultation with reliable and experienced planning lawyers
Ensure legislative requirements are met with respect to existing bylaws and bylaw reviews/updates
Carry the community vision expressed in the OCP through the development approval process Planning Responsibilities Administer zoning land use and development applications
Prepare land use plans and policies
Respond to a wide range of inquires and applications regarding land development
Process development permits, board of variance referrals, rezoning and subdivision applications
Represent the District at Council meetings, affordable housing committee meetings, liaise with Select Committees of Council as appointed
Administer land use bylaws, standards and policies
Be familiar and exercise provincial and federal legislation and other approving agency jurisdictions
Review each development in accordance with the OCP and community adopted bylaws
Maintain the community's vision and provide public education of planning processes
Provide opportunity for meaningful community consultation. ...we also do... Building, License and Bylaw Enforcement Responsibilities: ....wait...... ...that's not all..... Strategic planning is an organization's process of
defining its strategy, or direction, and making
decisions on allocating its resources to pursue
this strategy. ....well, in order for us to determine the direction we wish to take, we have to first understand where we are, and what our possible resources and avenues are in order for us to pursue a particular course of action. ...PJA paraphrase... ..uhm...plan? well, that's obvious but seriously,
what does that mean? What do planners really do? Planning and Building Services Planning: What we do.... we don't just offer planning
consultation and services to the
community.... This important part of Planning and Building Services maintains the quality of life for the community by:
Ensuring compliance with established building codes, community adopted bylaws, and Local Government Act/Community Charter req'mts.
Receives and processes bylaw complaints, ticketing/Court attendance
Co-ordinates bylaw enforcement activities with RCMP, other authorities
Answers inquiries and provides resources and information in response to building code, bylaw and license queries. Building, License and Bylaw Enforcement Principle functions:
Process building and sign permits, conduct yearly business license and fire safety inspections
Conduct regular building permit inspections in accordance with the BCBC, Building Bylaw and other applicable bylaws
Investigate and conduct site investigations for violations for related Community Adopted Bylaws
Provide public information and education, answer building, bylaw and license inquiries.
Provide animal control For the community For Council For us.... we are ALL community How do we excel? - we incorporate our Organization's values into our roles and responsibilities and instill it in our employees Our Collective Values






Visionary - we maintain our Organization's overall vision in our day to day work -we remember our Organization's fundamental purpose by focusing on our mission Our Collective Vision to be...... healthy accountable progressive and to be.... supportive of our staff and outstanding in the provision of service
to the public Our Collective Mission To transform the organization into a healthy, safe place where a culture of empowerment challenges staff to work together to provide the best in government services to the residents of the District of Ucluelet ...lets get planning..... How do we measure up?
Previous Strategic Plans First - What didn't we get done from 2012? - Why didn't we complete it? - How do we move it into implementation in 2013? identify the potential 'obstacles'...... what resources do we need? is the timeline realistic? in-house or contract out? or should it be phased? do we have the budget? or is the cost prohibitive? but what about our roles and responsibilities....that list looked pretty impressive....where does that fit in? are we trying to fly solo on this? or can we be more effective as a team? simple, its all about...balance. A balance between providing the best service (as we say in our Mission statement) and ... Strategic Planning
...three factors...
team Planning and Building Services 2013 Strategic Plan carry over from 2012 Work Plan
- Terrace Beach Access
- Little Beach Access - joint community project
- Cedar Street Parking Lot
- Complete Zoning Bylaw Review
- Implement Signage Programme
- Select and Contract out
Webpage/Portal Page and implement - three Select Committees of Council
- business incentive
- harbour business plan
- higher education facility - Harbour Management Plan - Consultant and SCH continuing study 2013 New Work Plan

Bylaws - Review

- Board of Variance
- Development Cost Charge Bylaw
- Building Code Bylaw
- Fin/Admin & Planning review of License Bylaw
- Fin/Admin & Planning review of Fees & Charges Bylaw Plans/Visioning
- Village Square - Phase I (pedestrian and traffic movement study/plans. Village Green context planning)
- Historical Signage - with Historical Society
- Lighthouse - implement business plan (if obtaining in 2013)
- Norah and Alder Street - end of street access and parkettes/parking
- meetings with Yuulu?il?ath for joint projects such as Little Beach, Terrace Beach and historical area signage
- District Newspaper/Webpage updates on Planning projects and news

- Summer Ambassador Cyclist Programme for Bylaw/Info/Enforcement / Community Engagement

- Focus on public awareness and safety/unsightly bylaw enforcement solutions and responses.

- Explore Team share of summer student
(data entry, data storage, inventory etc) and our 'projects'..... keeping it simple often achieves better results ...
and may use less staff resources. Vision collaboration leadership joint meetings, projects and
communication with Yuulu?il?ath inter-departmental team player accountability Environmentally responsible education commitment professional
expertise .

the Planning and Building Services
team...... direction seeking opportunities and continued
team growth in providing our best community service in 2013....... 2013 Building/License and Bylaw Services - efficient service
- timely response
- early 'education'
- encourage better dialogue
- review relevant bylaws ...our department sees the project
through right to construction and completion....
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