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Chaco Tortoise

Chaco tortoise

simon warren

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Chaco Tortoise

the chaco tortoise Habitat Chaco tortoises live in dry desert scrublands or dry woodlands. They live in shallow burrows in the warmer months and then dig deeper burrows where they hibernate in the winter. They are native to Argentina, Paraguay, and Northern Patagonia. Diet Chaco tortoises eat mostly grasses, shrubs, fruits, and cactus pads. Threats Sadly Chaco tortoises are an endangered species. The main threats to Chaco tortoises are the pet trade and habitat destruction, most of the tortoises that are captured and sold in the pet trade die within one year. Quiz! Are Chaco tortoises endangered? What are the primary threats to Chaco tortoises? How long does the average Chaco tortoise live once it has been sold? What do Chaco tortoises eat? Do Chaco tortoises change their burrows depending on the weather? What part of Chile do Chaco toroises live in? Do Chaco tortoises hibernate? size Chaco toroises grow up to 43 cm
(about 17 inches) age Chaco tortoises have been known to live past 150 years Chaco tortoises have been known to live past 150 years old. How big do Chaco tortoises get in centimeters? (terminus)
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