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The Omega Children Adventure

Watch a promo for the Omega Children Adventure series of books.

shane mason

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The Omega Children Adventure

The Omega Children
The Return of the Marauders
A night attack leads to four cousins being hidden high up in the hills behind their Lone Valley homestead.
Their parents flee and a strange man escorts them to the land of their parent's exile.
Left alone and facing a harsh existence they are forced to solve what their parent's could not.
It begins when a startled Mel is jerked out of her sleep in the middle of the night.
Down in the valley a canon fires and explodes in front of their homestead.
Their panicked mothers rush in and get them ready to flee.
Clad in camouflage they rush to the back of the house to escape.
Quixote sneaks off and witnesses his father and uncles fight off the attackers.
Quixote's mother returns and drags him out and whisks him up a hill to safety. She answers none of his questions.
The Mothers emotionally say farewell, yet still refuse to explain what is going on.
Quixote's mother leads them further uphill while the other mothers return to fight.
They are told to hide in ready made fox-holes and wait - but for what they are not told. Much mystery surrounds the night's events.
They are led to a strange new land where they discover a long since forgotten power - a power that their parents once attempted to use.
Despite the power they face grueling tasks.
....and in the end they face near death.
Check out the "Omega Children" today at

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of book1 - "The Return of the Marauders," and sign up and receive updates on their adventures.

Check out the Omega Children facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OmegaChildren

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to purchase a print copy or an ebook

The Omega Children Series © written by Shane A. Mason
Copyrighted Original Artwork by
Marcel Norkia
Louisa Beatty
Suzanne Beer
"The Mountain" © By Scott John Mason
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