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Should Kids have Homework ?

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jacob swerc

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Should Kids have Homework ?

Should Students have Homework ?
Should Teachers give Homework on a daily basis ? Kids are getting to much homework in classes, and this can lead to some very bad problems. That can get kids in trouble and some signs of stress. Also homework can take away from family time. Homework has many flaws that can interfere with family time and it can also puts a lot of stress on the student also it may cause cheating with other class mates.
It is very stressful trying to complete homework on a daily basis. ''Children need time to refresh there minds and bodies''(teach nolegy). Also homework can be quite harmful and because of it students might stay up late trying to complete there homework and that can lead to sleep deprivation. ''When students have a lot of homework they tend to have a lot of stress and if they have homework they wont do as good of a job''. This can also interfere with a lot of other things to
Homework can also be reducing the amount of time children could be spending with there family. ''Family time is especially important to a growing child and with out it social problems can crop up''(teach nolegy). Also kids need to have a good relationship with there family. ''Kids need to have bonding time with there parents to have a good solid relationship"(teach nolegy). So homework can interfere with family time but also homework can lead to school punishment
Although homework can develop responsibilities if a student is given to much homework that student may cheat on assignments. ''children cheat if they have an overwhelming amount if homework''(teach nolegy). Also students might copy off one another to get there assignments done faster. ''Children end up copying off one another in attempt to finish there assignments '' (teach nolegys). So students may cheat to get there homework done and that can lead to getting in trouble or receiving an E on an assignment.
Although homework has many flaws that can interfere with family time and it can also put a lot of stress on the student and it also may cause cheating with other class mates so it. so it can cause stress on a student also it reduces the amount of time spent with family another thing s to much homework may lead to students cheating. Students really haft to resort to cheating.
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